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Nev Michael

Nev Michael

Real/full name:
Adam Michael Nevler
39 (born 1983)
Place of birth:
United States (Streamwood, Illinois)


American death metal vocalist & visual artist.


Runs the label Shepherd of Rot Records and Gruesome Graphx.


As Beware the Nev:

2009 The Gods Are Angry (Demo) Vocals
2010 Total Monster Armageddon Vocals
2010 Unwilling Sacrifices (EP) Vocals
2011 Kaiju / Druid Lord (Split) Vocals

Methadone Abortion Clinic

Vocals (2014-present)

Entrenched Ingurgitation

As Analator:
Vocals (2012-2018)

2013 Promo 2013 (Demo) Vocals
2013 Genesis of Heterogeneous Vocals
2016 Pre​-​Space Jizz Promo​-​2016 (Demo) Vocals
2017 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Entrenched Ingurgitation / Brain Spasm (Split) Vocals



2010 Lepers of the Loathsome (Demo) Vocals
2012 Born from Rot Vocals, Lyrics

Virulent Gestation

2015 Nephropathic Lysogenesis Vocals (additional)

Acid Witch

2008 Witchtanic Hellucinations Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Anal Plug

2016 Caverns of Anal Remnants (Compilation) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Begging for Incest

2012 Drowned Through Four Ways of Vomiting (Split) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Beyond Hell

2010 And Evil Crept Through... (EP) Artwork, Layout (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2010 The Sleeper Awakens Cover art, Artwork, Layout (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Covered in Flies and Afterbirth Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2017 Depulsing Epidermal Perforations (Demo) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Bone Gnawer

2012 Carved (EP) Artwork (as "Nev")


2019 Bonetar (Demo) Cover art

Bong Rips for Jesus

2015 Promo 2015 (Demo) Cover art, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 The Last Session of the Dopified Apostles Cover art, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Bukkake Bandito

2021 Preschool Piñata Party (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Burial Invocation

2010 Rituals of the Grotesque (EP) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2021 Bring the Suffering (Demo) Artwork, Layout

Cannibalistic Infancy

2014 Splitting the Seeds of Brutality (Split) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Cardiac Arrest

2012 Vortex of Violence Cover art (coloring) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 A Parallel Dimension of Despair Logo

Cheerleader Concubine

2014 Bukkake Birthday Party (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2015 Four Servings of Human Flesh (Split) Cover art, Logo (Cheerleader Concubine) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 The Divine Union of Serrated Flesh (Split) Logo (Cheerleader Concubine) (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2019 Unhumanized (EP) Artwork


2009 Absorbed in the Nethervoid Logo, Title (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2009 The Funeral Barge (EP) Cover art, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2011 Pestilent Formation (Split) Logo (Claws) (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Gynaecological Apocalypse Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2020 The Art of Cryptosis (Demo) Cover art (as "Nev/Gruesome Graphx")


2012 The Horrid Swarm (EP) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Deformity Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2021 Devastation Path (Demo) Logo

Colostomy Spacebag

2019 Gore in Space (EP) Artwork, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 The Violence of the Slams Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2017 Mass Atrocity of Mankind Logo (retouch) (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Crypt Rot

2021 Crypt Rot (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Cryptic Enslavement

2014 Ascension of Abhorrence (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 Perverse Hallucinatory Descent Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2008 Cuff Em' All (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2008 Ass Flavour / Cuff / Showered in Vomit (Split) Logo (Cuff)
2009 Covered in Resin Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2009 CUFF / Fecal Bacteria (Split) Logo (Cuff) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2009 Cuff vs Wartoke - The Sticky-Icky Green Split (Split) Logo (Cuff) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2009 Christmas (Single) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2010 Cuff (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2010 Cuff / Volksmerink (Split) Logo (Cuff) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2011 Back from the Grave (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2012 The Best Of. (Compilation) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2012 Disfigured Creation Split (Split) Artwork, Logo (Cuff) (as "Nev Doesartforbands")
2013 Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2013 Live (Live album) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2014 Entwined Human Remnants (Split) Logo (Cuff) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2014 Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere Title Layout, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2015 Interstellar Deviance (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2015 Kings of Slam (Split) Logo (Cuff) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Bursting with Larvae: A North American Drum Machine Assault (Split) Artwork, Logo (Cuff) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Quinte Essentials of Brutality Vol.1 (Split) Logo (Cuff) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
(show all)

Dark Sorcerer

2019 Pure Act of Sorcery (EP) Cover art
2020 ...from the Emerald Tablet (EP) Cover art


2016 Reduced to a Pile of Putrefying Slop (EP) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2017 Vomited Forth from the Earth (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 Drowning in a Cesspool of Malform and Malady Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2022 Compositions of Decomposition Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Infestation Begins... Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2022 Disconformity (Compilation) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2016 Artificial Enresination Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Intrauterine Feasting Ecstasy (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Aberrant Amusement in Cadaveric Vomitplay Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 Morbid Transplantation and Venereal Development (Single) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Elbow Deep

2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2013 Trail of Maggots Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2019 Bodily Fluids Cover art

Engutturalment Cephaloslamectomy

2014 8​.​1​.​2. (EP) Logo, Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2020 Glam Not Slam Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Entrenched Ingurgitation

2013 Genesis of Heterogeneous Cover art, Layout (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2020 Grotesque Cadaver Inflammation (Single) Logo
2021 Promo 2021 (Demo) Logo


2020 A Noxious Cumulation of Tools for Auditory Extermination (EP) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2014 Telexistent Depravity (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Fatuous Rump

2017 Propagation of the Foul Logo
2018 Disposing Slobs of Corporal Fatberg Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2021 Perceptions of the Dark Ornaments Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Fecal Addiction

2016 Engorged with Human Waste (EP) Cover art
2017 Jenkem Artwork


2016 Congenital Deformity (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 Decomposition of Existence Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Festering Remains

2012 Stabbed Beyond All Recognition (EP) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2019 Festerous / Putrefier / Moribundus (Split) Logo (Putrefier) (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Flesh Throne

2013 Upon the Throne of Flesh (EP) Artwork, Layout


2020 Torture Euphoric / Snuffed (Split) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Frozen Soul

2020 Live in Chicago 10/23/2019 (Split) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2020 Within Mental Ruins (EP) Logo
2020 Towards Degradation (EP) Logo
2021 Drain the Ichor (Single) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Gangrenous Urethral Secretion

2018 Promo Demo 2018 (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 The Adventures of Ajit Pai Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2018 The Sickening Paradox of Reality Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2018 Girls, Guts, Ganja (Split) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Orgy of Gore Artwork


2019 Welcome to the Slime House Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2018 Promo 2018 (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2021 Maggots Infest the Limb Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Impulsive Evisceration

2015 Demonstration of Misogyny (Demo) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2019 Delirium Tremens Cover art

Internal Infestation

2021 Demo (Demo) Artwork

Intestinal Rot

2015 Re-inventing Mankind (EP) Cover art

Intestinal Secretion

2021 2021 Promo (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2010 Lepers of the Loathsome (Demo) Cover art, Logo, Artwork
2012 Born from Rot Layout, Cover art

Medical Negligence

2020 Evil Cover art


2018 Trash Party (Split) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Misanthropic Dysphoria

2016 Demo 2016 (Demo) Cover art, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2020 Vanished Cadavers Artwork


2010 Mors Immortalis (Demo) Logo (as "Nev")
2012 Demo 2012 (Demo) Logo


2020 Body Disposal Expert (EP) Logo (as "Nev")

Mutilation Barbecue

2021 Mutilation Barbecue (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2014 Promo 2014 (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2014 Frantic Visions of a Xenogod Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Erupting Seas of Noxious Plasma (Single) Cover art, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 Intergalactic Armageddon Cover art, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Pray for Death (EP) Cover art


2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2013 Geriatric Coprophilia Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2014 Interspecies Bondage Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2015 Bitch Asphyxiation (Compilation) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2017 Rarities of Fetishism (Compilation) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2012 Contact (Demo) Cover art
2015 Hegemony (EP) Cover Art

Operation Cunt Destroyer

2015 Slam Before Time Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Operation Cunt Destroyer (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2017 Insulin Induced Coma (EP) Cover art, Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2018 Trick or Treat (EP) Logo, Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Fishing for People Album Artwork


2016 Purgatory of Punishment Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2016 Necrophagic Funeral Ritual Cover art
2017 Smear Artwork


2021 Returned Through Bile (EP) Logo, Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Pulmonary Fibrosis

2014 The Brothers of Gore (Split) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2015 Gore Grind 4 Way Split CD (Split) Artwork

Pyogenic Cystclot

2014 Pyogenic Cystclot / BruceXCampbell - Split (Split) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2009 Diabolizing the Priest (Demo) Artwork

Rotten Wound

2015 Demo 2015 (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2013 Scatorgy (EP) Artwork


2008 Lair of the Foul Cover art


2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2016 Epoch of Total Somatic Devastation (Split) Logo (Slamphibian) (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2017 Croaking for Entrails (EP) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Smallpox Aroma

2017 Repulsive Pleasures (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2013 Summoned from the Void Cover art (as "Nev")

Spawned from Hate

2018 Promo 2018 (Demo) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Splattered Entrails

2012 Depths of Obscurity Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2014 Undercooked Intrauterine Delicacies (Compilation) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Swine Overlord

2013 Anthology of Abominations (EP) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Testicular Seizure

2009 Testicular Seizure Cover art, Layout


2016 Thætas (Demo) Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2020 Shrines to Absurdity Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2021 Thasaidon (Demo) Logo (as "GruesomeGraphx")

The Dark Prison Massacre

2015 A Blood Clot Ejaculation Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")
2017 Deformity of Human Consciousness Logo (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Throne of Disgust

2013 Grimace (EP) Cover art

Thy Flesh Consumed

2017 Her Name Is His Password (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2018 Cursed Bloodshed (Split) Cover art

Vacant Coffin

2008 Sewer Skullpture Artwork (additional)


2017 Necrophilic Afterbirth (EP) Cover art (as "Gruesome Graphx")


2015 Hi-Fi Horror (Uncut Edition) (Demo) Artwork
2016 Screaming Mad Gore Cover art
2021 Horrific Homages (Split) Cover art


2020 Vivisect (EP) Artwork (as "Gruesome Graphx")

Vomit Cake

2016 Promo 2016 (Demo) Artwork


2020 Baptism Death Cover art


2009 Demo 2009 (Demo) Artwork, Logo
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