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Other stuff to do

Want to help? Read on about what needs to be fixed, completed and/or improved.

So now that Encyclopaedia Metallum version 2 has finally arrived, we have cool new features such as label pages, artist pages, album line-ups, and so on.

However, that means we as a community still have a lot of work to do. Entering all the data for labels, artists and so on is one thing: the feature is new, and the forms are just waiting there to be filled out. But what about the missing, non-standard or duplicate info?

And then there's the eternally incomplete stuff, like reports and albums missing cover arts.

This page regroups all the "to do" lists, lists of things that can only be fixed manually by you, the user.

If you want to help Encyclopaedia Metallum be better and more complete, use these lists as a starting point. Higher-priority fixes are higher in the list. You should also take a look at this subforum to see what else people are working on.

High priority - needs to be fixed ASAP Low-priority - nice to have