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Insidious Squelching Penetration

Country of origin:
United States
Chicago, Illinois
Formed in:
Brutal Death Metal
Current label:
Lord of the Sick Recordings
Years active:
The band's full name is: "The Insidiou´╗┐s Squelching Penetration Of A Decrepit 74 Year Old Paraplegic Incestuous Pedophiliac's Impacted Rectum Due To Bowel Obstruction Whilst Peeling The Necrotic Epidermal Layer Of Oozing Neglected Bleeding Sores For Maximum Torturous Suffering"
Worthless Drums, Vocals (2018-present)
See also: Arachnoid Membrane, Mouthing the Offal, Syphilic (live), ex-Chromosome Abnormalities in the Diseased Cortex of a Cannibalistic Necrophile, ex-Headcheese, ex-Immunohistochemistry, Amputation Saw, Ascaris, Botched Anastomosis J Pouch, Foul Rotten Suicide Victim, Gunk, Imagine Panzram, Rigidity Spinal Deformity, Tungiasis, ex-Reek of Blood, ex-AnatomicA, ex-Trash
Butt Rot Guitars (2018-present)
See also: Arachnoid Membrane, Attack from the Tub, Burnt to a Crisp, Krotchripper, Meat Crayon, Plaguebearer, Roasted, Toasted, ex-Veins of Ice, Super Happy Fun Time
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