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Loathsome - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Illinois/New York/Texas
Formed in:
Death/Thrash Metal
Horror, Death, Metal
Last label:
Gore House Productions
Years active:
Logo by Gruesome Graphx.
Vanessa Bass
See also: Cauldron Burial, Surgikill, Wooden Stake, ex-Howling, ex-Orloff, ex-Scaremaker, ex-Twist Ending, ex-Wolfhollow, ex-Vaultwraith, ex-Skeletal Spectre, ex-Red Harlow, ex-Slash Dementia
Sinworm Drums
See also: Amoxet, Cunt Stuffed with Medical Waste, Roasted, Sinworm, Son ov Dawn, Toasted, Xaadolf, Ysbaddaden, ex-Fallen Hallow, ex-Lay Waste, ex-Decrepitaph, Exasperated, ex-Goremonger, ex-Oblivion Worship, ex-Slit Trench, ex-Funeral Fuck Toy, ex-Oily Anal Discharge
Elektrokutioner Guitars
See also: Conjureth, Encoffination, Messial, Sarcosium, Tumulation, ex-Christ Hunt, ex-Foreboding, ex-Ghoulgotha, ex-Gloomed, ex-Howling, ex-Scaremaker, ex-Shrouded, ex-Skulleton, ex-Beyond Hell, ex-Black Pentagram Cult, ex-Decrepitaph, ex-Ekthros, ex-Festered, ex-Skincrawler, Bastard Cross, Beware!, Procreant, Reeking Filth, Scum Bitch, ex-Cauldron Burial, ex-Father Befouled, ex-Tombstones, ex-Wooden Stake, ex-Eternal Suffering, ex-Maggot Face, ex-Stone Evil
Nev Vocals
See also: ex-Entrenched Ingurgitation, ex-Kaiju, Methadone Abortion Clinic
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