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Energema > The King of the Giants
Energema - The King of the Giants
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The King of the Giants


Release date:
August 1st, 2020
Catalog ID:
MR 175-20
Metalism Records
None yet
1. The Valley of Elah 01:05   instrumental
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2. The King of the Giants 04:42  
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3. The Last Hero 04:11  
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4. War of Nephilims 04:35  
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5. The Golden Throne 04:43  
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6. Wishes of Glory 04:14  
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7. Time of Faith 03:53  
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8. Tears of an Angel 03:22  
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9. Goliath 05:01   instrumental
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Lyric video
The King of the Giants

Official videos
Time of Faith
War of Nephilims
The Last Hero


Barcode: 0656727170054

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