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Legion - Photo


Country of origin:
Wrocław, Lower Silesia
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Paganism, Nationalism, Anti-Christianity
Last label:
Darker than Black Records
Years active:
1993-1994 (as Darken), 1994-1995
Formed "to unite the underground black metal elite" in Poland and included members of The Temple of Fullmoon black metal circle.

Not to be confused with:
- Legion (death metal band from Biskupiec)
- Legion (nationalist rock band)

Compilation Appearances:
- "Warriors of Fullmoon" on Mixtape Mars 2022 Cassette (GoatowaRex, 2022), mentioned as Légion "Les Guerriers de la pleine lune"
Capricornus Drums (1994-1995)
See also: ex-Capricornus, ex-Infernum, ex-Thor's Hammer, ex-Graveland, ex-Thy Worshiper
Rob Darken Guitars, Keyboards (1994-1995)
See also: Graveland, Lord Wind, ex-Darken, ex-Infernum, ex-Mysterial, ex-Thoth, ex-Woodtemple (live)
Leinad Vocals (1994-1995)
(R.I.P. 2006) See also: ex-Mysteries
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