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Jowita Kamińska-Peruzzi

Jowita Kamińska-Peruzzi

Real/full name:
Jowita Kamińska-Peruzzi
47 (born Jan 6th, 1976)
Place of birth:
Poland (Warszawa)


Jowita Kamińska was born and lived most of her life in Warsaw, Poland and got into metal in 1988. In 1995, she started studying at Warsaw's Academy of Fine Arts in the graphic arts department and graduated with distinction in 2000. Right after that she co-operated as a graphic designer and texture artist with three big studios in Warsaw and worked on international projects (including two 3D ...


Jowita is the creator of probably the most internet-wide stolen headbanger image, designed originally in 2005 as the official KUTTEN4EVER Festival mascot:

Jowita also appears on the covers of Metal on Metal Records compilations Compendium of Metal since 2009.

Apart from having painted over fifty ...

Albert Bell's Sacro Sanctus

2014 Deus Volt Cover enhancement, Layout
2016 Ad Aeternum Layout
2018 Liber III: Codex Templarum Layout, Photography
2022 Sword of Fierbois Layout


2008 Devasterpiece Photography (as "Jowita Kaminska")

Arctic Flame

2006 Primeval Aggressor Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Arkham Witch

2012 Legions of the Deep Cover art
2012 On Crom's Mountain Cover art
2013 On Crom's Mountain Cover art
2014 On Crom's Mountain Cover art
2014 Demos from the Deep (Compilation) Layout, Logo
2015 Get Thothed Vol. I (EP) Layout (of the cover)
2015 I Am Providence Cover art
2015 Weird Tales (EP) Layout (as "Jowita")
2016 Get Thothed Vol. II (EP) Layout (of the cover)
2016 Demos from the Deep (Compilation) Layout, Logo
2018 Get Thothed Vol. III (EP) Layout (of the cover)
2022 Swords Against Death Cover art
(show all)


2006 The Unknown Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2007 Standing the Test of Time (Compilation) Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2013 Giants of Canaan Layout, Cover art
2016 Sins of the World Layout, Cover art
2018 Armor of the Gods (EP) Photography, Cover art


2009 Minster of Madness / The Black Zone (Compilation) Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2008 The Slaughter Returns (Compilation) Layout
2011 True Metal Victory Cover art
2012 Battlefield Supremacy (Compilation) Cover art

Brutal Hand

2009 Purgatory's Rage Cover art, Logo

Burning Darkness

2007 The Cantarian Curse Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Cast Away

2005 Cast Away Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Catch 22

2007 Soulreaper Vol.1 Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2008 Soulreaper: Evilution/Devilution Cover art
2009 Awakened Through Time (Compilation) Cover art
2011 Monumetal Cover art


2009 Chained to the Nite Photography (Collage) (as "Jowita Kaminska")

Cirith Ungol

2019 I'm Alive (Live album) Photography (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Crucified Mortals

2004 Converted by Decapitation (EP) Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2005 De la mano de la muerte Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2008 Pagano Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


1995 The Past Forgotten (Demo) Cover art (as "Jowita")


2004 Legions of Arrggghhhh (Compilation) Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2005 As the Weird Travel On Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2006 The Demos: 1985 & 1986 (Compilation) Photography


2004 Forces of Doom Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2017 Voice for the Silent Layout, Cover art


2008 Into the Night Photography (live)

Ereb Altor

2010 The End Photography


2004 Tempo of the Damned Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Fallen Angels

2008 Rise from Ashes Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Fallen Fucking Angels

2012 Italian Restaurant Photography (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Final Breath

2004 Let Me Be Your Tank Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Focus Indulgens

2010 The Past Layout (as "Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi")


2005 Dominaeon Cover art, Photography (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2009 After the Fall Cover art


2005 Out in the Cold Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2003 Forgotten People Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Hallows Eve

2005 Evil Never Dies Photography


2008 Nescience Cover art, Layout
2010 Heathendom (Demo) Cover art
2011 The Symbolist Layout


2003 Recoffination Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2014 Till Death and After Cover art, Photography


2008 Thrash and Destroy (Video) Photography (as "Jowita Kaminska")


2006 Arcadian Tales: The Egregore Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2019 Savage Overkill Layout (as "Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi")

Manilla Road

2005 Gates of Fire Cover art, Photography (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2007 Clash of Iron Vol. I - Live at Keep It True (Split) Photography (Manilla Road) (as "Jowita Kaminska")

Meliah Rage

2011 Dead to the World Cover art
2015 Before the Kill (Compilation) Cover art

Metal Inquisitor

2005 Doomsday for the Heretic Cover art, Photography (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2007 Doomsday at the H.O.A. (Live album) Photography

Metal Law

2007 Night of the Wolf Cover art, Photography (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2008 Lawbreaker Cover art
2016 Hellrider Cover art

Midnite Hellion

2012 Enter the Unknown (EP) Cover art

Molested Senses

2003 No Friends Here Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2010 Progress of Doom Photography
2014 Tears from the Grave Cover art, Layout
2015 Eyes of the Demon Layout

Nomad Son

2008 First Light Cover art
2010 The Eternal Return Layout, Cover art
2013 The Darkening Cover art
2013 First Light / Pilgrimages of Doom (Video) Layout (additional), Cover art, Photography


2011 Go to Hell Cover art
2014 We the Dead Cover art, Layout
2017 And the Bedlam Broke Loose Artwork, Photography, Cover art


2006 Resurrected (EP) Photography


2008 Screenslaves Cover art


2006 Laws ov Form (EP) Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2004 N.W.O.B.A.T. (Demo) Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2008 Portrait Photography


2012 Horrors of the Black Mass Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2007 Power Corrupts Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Silver Fist

2006 Lágrimas de sangre Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")


2004 Start Raising Hell Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2008 Drinking with the Devil Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

Stygian Shore

2007 The Shore Will Arise Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")

The Hounds of Hasselvander

2016 Ancient Rocks Photography (as "Jowita Kaminska")


2005 Final Detonation Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2007 Blood of Witches Cover art (as "Jowita Kamińska")
2010 Demons Cover art
2013 Bloodthirsty Eyes Cover art
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