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Metal on Metal Records

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Specialised in:
Heavy, Doom, US Power, Thrash, Speed, Black/Thrash, Death
Founding date :
January 2008
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Started in 2008 by two old school metal fans, Jowita Kamińska-Peruzzi and her husband Simone A. Peruzzi, who had been involved in the scene in other ways (as cover artist, designer, journalist and photographer) and decided to take their support for the music they love to the next level. MOMR is focused on all traditional styles of metal, mainly: classic heavy, traditional and epic doom, US power, speed, thrash, black/thrash and old school death metal.


Jowita Kamińska-Peruzzi (cover artist and photographer) is the founder of the label. She also designed the label's logo.

Additional discography:

• VV.AA. "Metal On Metal Records Promo Vol. 1" (CD) April 2008
Compilation: 7 bands/14 tracks

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 2" (CD) April 2009
Compilation: 12 bands/17 tracks

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 3" (CD) April 2010
Compilation: 15 bands/16 tracks

• FRANKENSHRED "Into the Lab Vol. 1: Frankenshred" (digital) July 2010

• FRANKENSHRED "Into the Lab Vol. 2: Evil Shred" (digital) July 2010

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 4" (CD) April 2011
Compilation: 13 bands/13 tracks

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 5" (CD) April 2012
Compilation: 15 bands/15 tracks

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 6" (CD) April 2013
Compilation: 13 bands/14 tracks

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 7" (CD) April 2014
Compilation: 14 bands/14 tracks

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 8" (CD) April 2015
Compilation: 12 bands/14 tracks

• VV.AA. "Compendium of Metal Vol. 9" (CD) April 2016
Compilation: 13 bands/14 tracks

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