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Utter Insanity - 100%

FrizzySkernip, December 21st, 2012

Murder, sex, insanity, horror, hopelessness. All of these themes are thrusted upon you in heaping piles throughout the album. I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the album cover, I thought it was going to be a typical grindcore gorefest with nothing new or unique to bring to the table.

How wrong I was.

From the opening track 'Jennifer', I found myself at a loss for words as Microsoft Sam whispered sweet insanity into my ears. Describing a girl who playfully wrestles her friend to the ground and licking her eyeballs in front of a growing crowd with a member of the crowd masturbating to the scene. The narrative ends and finally the band comes in to rearrange your face just as you're trying to comprehend what the hell you just listened to.

Although I do not play any instruments, I still admire the musicianship of Pig Destroyer. J.R. Hayes' harsh, barking vocals with the shrieking guitar work of Scott Hull and the pounding intensity of drummer Brian Harvey, the album is reminiscent of a train wreck. A sexy train wreck that I was proud to experience. Holding hints of sludge and hardcore, Pig Destroyer blend them well to make an amazing grindcore album. One that is truly a landmark in the grindcore genre.

The concept of the album itself is nothing new. A man stalks his ex-girlfriend and it eventually ends in murder. Where the originality comes in is in the lyrics. The lyrics of the album are some of the most batshit insane things I've ever read. Tracks like 'Ghost of a Bullet', 'Heart and Crossbones' and 'Piss Angel' showcase the bands specialty in writing some fucked up shit. Speaking of 'Piss Angel', that's when Microsoft Sam comes back to finish up the album, ending off on a note of utter insanity, horror and eerie ambiance.

All considered, Prowler in the Yard is an incredibly well done album, with no complaints coming from me. It is everything a grindcore album should be, and other grindcore bands should look to this album for inspiration.