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Satan probably listens to Morbosidad - 80%

goredisorder, February 20th, 2010

Morbosidad’s record of the same name is the way raw black metal should be; thrashy, fast, gritty, and so thrashy fast and gritty it all kind of blurs together to sound like a tank rolling through and knocking down walls. Were you looking for some hippy dippy psychedelic space metal? Too bad because you won’t find that shit here.

The sound is very heavy and dirty. Too much black metal is played with a thin and flimsy guitar sound, or too crisp and clean. I like crisp sheets on laundry day sure, but I like my black metal a little muddy and harsh. Morbosidad sounds like a group of satan-worshipping young fellas playing some hymns to the prince himself. Is this not how black metal should sound? The bass is not just detectable but pretty clear as an entity of its own, facilitating the crude, unpolished lead-fucking-heaviness; also really cool because bass is often hard to discern let alone allowed to shine instead of fading in with everything else. Bass isn’t just for hip hop fans mah niggas n hos, ya heard? The songs are all written pretty similarly to one another but have enough variety within; sufficient changes in tempo – slower rhythmic sections, black metal speedfest sections, some bestial riffing that sounds like a power tool instead of an instrument, with that bum-bum-bum purring along all the while. The faster parts would make some sweet thrash if not for the explicit, grotesque black metal atmosphere. Satan-simulation vocals top it all off, bellowing away gruelingly at a speed more suitable for sludge whether the band kicks it up or slows it down. But satan vocals follow no speed, so jodete pendejo! Oh yes, if you haven’t figured from the band name and song titles Morbosidad sings in spanish, adding a certain coarseness to the music found with other spanish-singing bands like Tu Carne and Brujeria, similar to when a band sings in latin your mind instantly turns to thoughts of defiling holy statues in a cathedral. Even better, anyone with basic knowledge of the language or at least the swear words can fairly easily interpret these lyrics. Eres la mierda de un puerco.. heh. Probably a line lifted from one of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Time to finish this off. Morbosidad is nothing stunning but a real nice and hearty slab of straight up black metal with no fancy schmancy bullshit, no filler. Morbosidad is more of a mini-album than a full length, at least in the nine song form they intended it to be. But it feels longer than it really is, which I guess is good because the music here is pretty badass like I been preachin’. Also this album contains a few gong hits (gong with a g, this ain’t Weedeater) that reminds me of some song from Impiety, but anyway it’s really cool, and aside from the aforementioned Impiety, a fairly original effect to use in metal. I love it. Morbosidad is some solid bestial/ war black metal. If I could describe this in one word it would be CRUDE. If you dig Blasphemy and Conqueror and that newer one Blasphemophagher and all that jazz, this is right up your alley.