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Damnit, this wasn't worth my money. - 43%

Corimngul, January 5th, 2005

While having quite a cool cover, Intermission stands out as the most boring release Dio have ever done. It stands out as one of the most boring albums in my collection. Five live tracks, whereof one medley, performed well but recorded with more than lacking production and sound quality. While showing the Dio band’s contact with the crowd, these tracks also show some unnecessary wankery – both with guitar and voicewise. It’s actually more wanking than you’ll find on an average live album. It was probably quite cool when he did it at the show, but here, on a recording it just turns out boring. You very seldom hear the crowd but not because they weren’t enthusiastic, no because of the bad production.

Time To Burn, the only new track, is a weak one. It sounds more rock than anything else. It’s no pumping, it just plays from one end to another and you don’t notice it was there. Nothing catchy, no incredible musicianship, no killer vocals… The song doesn’t even progress – it’s just plain boring. Then the medley kicks off and Claude Schnell, the keyboardist (also on Sacred Heart and Dream Evil) looses it. His keyboards don’t sound and when they do it’s not right either. He gets it back later, but putting such sloppy performances on a live release is kind of lame. All in all this EP is bad, unnecessary, and no one except a diehard Dio-fan will like it. Saying that, I am one myself and I dislike it. And the fact that an original pressing from 1986 could await me in the year of 2004, completely new at a major record dealer reveals everything. Buy the full-lengths instead.

Intermission indeed... - 70%

Sinner, December 23rd, 2002

A strange album - too short to be full length and too long to be an Ep, consisting of 5 live songs, which are admittedly very well done and prove that Live, Dio was a force to be reckoned with and one new studio track which falls a bit short and is rather unspectacular when compared to any of the previous albums.

Not really a very convincing release (hell, they could have made it a full length album and put on another 5 or 6 live-tracks, which WOULD have been the right thing to do during this period in Dio's carreer) - but quite okay as it stands but more suited to collectors or die-hard fans than the "casual" Metal fan.