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Bones > Sons of Sleaze > 2013, CD, Planet Metal > Reviews > Orbitball
Bones - Sons of Sleaze

Bones - Sons of Sleaze - 90%

Orbitball, May 14th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Planet Metal

These guitars (which I notice the most of) have good bar chords/tremolo picking in the remisicient to vein of Usurper. They're groove oriented and not overly technical but some quick parts as well as some grind pieces. The drums go along well with the guitars. As a highlight, the experimental guitars and vocals are different yet unique.

I'd like to say that the music is aggressive, full of blast beats (sludge), a raw production sound and solid lead guitar.

These guys sure as hell CONQUER. I like the guitars and vocals the most. The guitars are ambient and unique. The vocals are pretty brutal but they sound good alongside the rest of the music. That's what makes this release so dominating. Not only are they different as a band, they also have a great deal to contribute to the scene. I wasn't really sure what genre sludge meant in the metal arena, but now it makes sense. The only element that fell a little bit short is the production quality. Aside from that, everything is pretty solid. The music was very original and didn't sound like anything that I've heard from before. They're in their own zone, so therefore that's what makes them the most dominating. All of the songs are unique, they pack a punch to the and therefore leave the listener in awe.

They put on quite a stage presence and on this studio performance out in 2013 was well constructed. As I say, they sound just like they do which is in their own capacities. I like all the songs and think that they show what a band they are, unique and resilient. The music dominates the most with the guitars in their own. And the vocals yelling but thoroughly tolerable.

This is the first sludge oriented band that I've ever heard. The tremolo picking and bar chords show what a devastating band they've weaved their way into. A full annihilation as it became constructed into this whole recording. They deserve they positive feedback from me because they are such a valuable band! Check this out!