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Long John Silver 
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My collection reflects the releases I own in physical format, despite having a large digital resource, I do not consider myself owner of an album until I have bought it.

I am well aware that my writing skills are not good, but I have listened to many bands and albums that have none or few reviews in the archives, and I think I can contribute to make this site better.

Regarding my review scoring / method:
I usually won't take into account the lyrics, unless these are excellent and so is the music, and vice-versa. The main content for me is the music. Of course, if musicians are skillful enough to transmit a concise valuable message in a poetic or clever way, I will appreciate it, but that is just ornament; like the cover, the booklet and the band logo.

0% --> Having lung cancer is much more enjoyable than this.
01-09% --> Your enemies might send you this as a present / declaration of war.
10-19% --> Worthless on most levels. It's possible that some sellers will try to cheat you to get this for free. Even then, don't accept it.
20-29% --> 90% of the musicians involved in this "work" suffered brain hemorrages, hence the awful quality.
30-39% --> Very bad album, and an offense to your intelligence. Not even a complete good song.
40-49% --> The album failed. Nothing worth of your time. Maybe a couple of non-offensive songs.
50-59% --> Mediocre, severe deficiencies that decrease the quality, but still some good ideas that could lead to something interesting, if improved.
60-69% --> Just average, nothing outstanding, but you'll feel like listening to it once in a while.
70-79% --> Good album that is worth your money, it may have some songs that are very good.
80-89% --> Very good album, it may not have any flaws, but not everything is on the same level; despite not really having bad songs you feel a decrease of quality in some of them.
90-99% -> Excellent album, mandatory in your collection.
100% -> This is reserved for those albums that really deserve the big price. Those which get this scoring are absolute masterpieces that have something especial that no other album has.

The criteria described above more or less reflects how I score the albums, but of course there might be exceptions.

Poochie is not dead.