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Mallcore kid 
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Virtual Systems 
United Kingdom 
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Comments: is offshore host located in Kyiv, Ukraine, where data-related legislation are very tolerant and prices are very low - pick our offshore hosting services to reap the benefits of that. We're reliable partner to cultivate your web projects - in 2020 VSYS (abbreviation for Virtual Systems) will celebrate it's 10th anniversary. Our own fleet of servers managed by our in-house service team 24/7 to bring quickest response time & best user experience. Our network is expanding really fast, today it's capacity surpasses 500 Gbps, so you might scale big and always stay flexible and competitive. So, welcome to VSYS, dependable Ukrainian hosting - order today & we'll take care for your hosting needs!

BANDWIDTH EXCEED 400GBps. Using 400+ Gbps of IP traffic and also official LIR status from RIPE NCC , we rank as one of the biggest internet providers in UA. IPTV is driving demand for network usage and we have it at very competitive prices!

ANTI-DDOS SERVICES. We promise that customer's services are not influenced by DDoS attacks. On request you are going to be switched to enterprise grade in-line DDoS filters, which can filter out malicious traffic and allow only legitimate visitors to your web site.

COMPETITIVE PLANS. We are not reselling other hosting company! Found a better price? Let us negotiate if we could match it! We pay 50% less than others since we market both ways,"inbound" for local customers,"outbound" for traffic delivered by our offshore clients.

24/7 TECH SUPPORT. Our own customer assistance team working 24/7. These exact same experienced tech specialists have physical access to server hardware. 15 minutes to reply on your ticket.

99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE. It's an actual guarantee backed up by SLA. Redundant Infrastructure. Servers situated in European contemporary DCs. Multiple uplinks and peering. Automated route optimization program.

OFFSHORE BENEFITS. Accepting Bitcoin payments. Absolutely anonymous registration. Handling DMCA and copyright abuses more leniently. Much more flexible content policy. Solid offshore webhost since 2010.