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Shirley Huang 
Favourite metal genre(s):

(If you want to contact me and wish quick replies I suggest using the forum's message board, since I would need VPN to login to my mailbox on school days but my phone doesn't have one)
16 years old power metalhead. Hailz from Wuhan :)
Metalhead since 2018 (I think? That’s when I first heard Nightwish but honestly I’ve never really enjoyed them). Big sucker for any shits German or Swedish, I like my power metal aggressive af or cheesy till the point I throw up.
Old school is the only school!
Diehard Freedom Call and Dragonforce fan
And no, I don’t dig anything too symphonic

The 10 power metal bands that influenced my taste (in the order of the time I finished listening to their whole discography):
Freedom Call
Dream Evil
Nocturnal Rites
Gamma Ray
Power Quest

Starting my life as a reviewer here on 24/10/2021 (when my first review got approved anyways). I’m trying to squeeze some review works in between my heavy school load so generally it takes a month for my to come up with a complete one. Unless inspiration strikes ofc. On my quest to review all the power metal albums on MA
Also writing for MetalBite Webzine under Lynxie

Reviewers that I admire: hells_unicorn, Empyreal, Larry6990, Silicon Messiah

Here’s a rough Rating Chart I’ve put together , let’s hope I’ll stick to it:

90-100: Masterpiece. Every aspect is perfection. An album for life

80-89: Excellent. Have some minor weaknesses but don’t affect the whole listening experience. An album worth getting physically

70-79:Enjoyable. Usually have some obvious flaws but other outstanding aspects cover it up well enough. An album worth getting if you’re a hardcore fan of the genre

60-69:Average. Overall boring. Some impressive aspects saves it from falling too low. Get it digitally if you really need it

50-59:Weak. Just boring. Nothing stands out yet nothing sucks. Hence good cure for my insomnia lol

40-49:Borderlines lame, some aspects really sucks
(Albums falling into the above two criteria’s are still listenable)
30-39:This sucks. One listen is enough to warn me off all my life

20-29:An insult to my ears. Whoever get this must have been really rich

10-19:Burn it! Destroy it! Why should this have ever come into existence anyways?!

0-9: I ‘m using this to annoy the older folks in the community, ha!

And always remember my most basic standard when it comes to rating a work is: Consistency is a Virtue, Repetition is a Sin.

Visit my homepage on Netease music. Check out my playlist and other shits I’d posted . I promote power metal in general .