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Shirley Huang 
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Power metal maniac hailing from Wuhan :)
Metalhead since 2018 (I think? That’s when I first heard Nightwish but honestly I’ve never really enjoyed them). Big sucker for any shits German or Swedish, I like my power metal really aggressive or cheesy till the point I throw up.
Firm believer of ,,old school is the only school” (come, it’s fucking power metal)
I’m a diehard Freedom Call and Dragonforce fan, though indeed my love for the former is more out of a sentimental factor, and that Chris is one of my longest standing musician crush (don’t persecute me for a being a simp lol)
And no, I don’t dig anything too symphonic. Twilight Force’s sophomore release was quite enough for me.
Forum lurker. Usually active in the Review Discussion section, and you might see me if the topic turns to power metal in the general discussion.

These are the 10 power metal bands that influenced my taste, in order of the time I finished listening to their whole discography:
Freedom Call
Dream Evil
Nocturnal Rites
Gamma Ray
Power Quest

Starting my life as a reviewer here on 24/10/2021 (when my first review got approved anyways). I’m trying to squeeze some review works in between my heavy school load so generally it takes a month for me to come up with a complete one. On my unrealistic quest to review all the power metal albums on MA.

Also writing for MetalBite Webzine under the moniker Lynxie, hence some of the links at the end of reviews. But my top priority is still contributing to the Archive.

And no, I won’t review genres other than power metal because I prefer to be responsible -I admit my knowledge of other genres is by far limited.

Favourite Reviewers: hells_unicorn, Empyreal,Dragonchaser,Silicon Messiah, Larry6990, CHAIRTHROWER.

Here’s a rough Rating Chart I’ve put together , let’s hope I’ll stick to it:

90-100: Masterpiece. Every aspect is perfection. An album that is a real consistent play and is worth calling the uttermost classic. I could listen to this one till the end of the world.

80-89: Excellent. Some minor weaknesses exist but all in all they don’t affect the whole listening experience. But may run the risk of being overplayed.

70-79:Enjoyable. Usually have some obvious flaws but other outstanding aspects cover it up well enough - as long as about two-thirds of the tracks are still listenable I’ll give them this scoring.

60-69:Acceptable. Overall boring. Some impressive aspects saves it from falling too low. Usually just have one or two tracks that is good - I might give this a chance on a good day, or I’ll just play the individual tracks.

50-59:Average. Nothing stands out yet nothing sucks. Hence good cure for my insomnia.

40-49:Weak. The abilities of the musicians would be somewhat questionable.

30-39:This fucking sucks. One listen is enough to warn me off all my life.

20-29:It’s a bloody miracle that I finished my regular 3 spin through this. I regret that process - it might’ve caused damage to my already fraying sanity.

10-19:Burn it! Destroy it! Why should this have ever come into existence anyways?!

0-9: You know what? I’m using this to annoy the older folks in the community, ha!

My most basic standard when it comes to rating a work is: Consistency is a Virtue, Repetition is a Sin.

I promote power metal in general, running an account on Neatease music. Though it’s noticeable from my email that I’d my moments of extreme metal - that is, if your not a purist.