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FUCK OFF to downloading/freeloading music thieves, die you fucking poser pieces of shit, SUPPORT METAL DON'T BE A FUCKING THIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
additional FUCK OFF PLANET EARTH to rancid National Socialist scum!!!

the list of albums i have on this site is barely close to complete, loads of bands/albums blacklisted by the archives


my rating scale is pretty open ended, the single most important factor is TIME, i do not like to review newish albums anymore because i don't know yet how they stand against the ultimate test: time! but anyway - here ya go, for the 4 of you who care to read::

100: perfect, duh
90-99: close to perfect, in varying degrees
70-89: solid, in varying degrees
60-69: a wealth of problems, still alright though
40-59: negatives begin to outweigh the positives, but there's still good stuff somewhere in there
20-39: someone out there wrote this, so someone out there must like it.. it just ain't me
5-19: it's not 100% terrible...
0-4: Wakin Duh Cadavuh Bro

#13 - If you didn't know Kam Lee invented the "death vomit" growl style, or refuse to admit it; you're useless.
#14 - If you don't like DeathMetal don't review it and call it crap or noise or worthless... you don't see me reviewing Gothic Black Industrial and calling it totally fucking GAY do you? If you don't ''get it''... don't review it!
#15 - Tremolo riffs are not ''pointless'' or ''tired'', they are fun to hum to and a staple in DeathMetal... don't like it? Go listen to prog ya boring sod!
#16 - I have too much pride to add 16,000 bands that are absolutely awful and not even metal just to get more points on the archives-have you no shame?