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Veniero Darostet 
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progressive thecno thrash meta 

Nati il techrome SONO NEL 1989, Attività di Attualità !
Unico Membro della band originale e vocale il leader!/Techrome?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav

Veniero Darostet - lead vocals Bass
Giusy Spampinato - Drums
Gianni Ansino - Lead Bass
Stefano Grassi - Lead guitar
Antony Bormann - Lead guitar

---2013 Techrome Biography---

In 1987, Veniero Darostet the vocalist of new line up Band (Blast Furnace) from Turin City, decided to leave the band after "The train from the distant future" and some commemorative concert to celebrate the return of the band along with: Jesterbeast, Extrema, Crepin death, to undertake a new project.
In '88, attending the dracma Studios in Turin City, after several hearings with various groups met drummer Valerio Alessio, this friendship was born from a collaboration that led Darostet to sing in the group of Alessio, who played a very Hard Rock Radio, (so to speak to Whitesnake).
In the mid 88 Darostet, even while appreciating the style of Hard Rock Snake, continues to look for new musicians who could satisfy his attitude to a more heavy style (Metallica Slayer, Voivod), also involving his friend Valerio Alessio, looking for musicians for a new project, through ads in newspapers and specialized items in the bulletin of the dracma.
One day Darostet, was approached by two young guitar-player, who responded to the names of Roby Sanna and Stefano Grassi, who wanted to propose for the band, the three met, but nothing came of this meeting, perhaps for reasons related to the genre by take, "who wanted to Glam, who wanted more heavy", or as "different ages", but something has come from this meeting.
Darostet, put the current Alessio, had the meeting with the two and regret that it had not been successful for “banal reasons”, but above all for the remarkable harmony of the two...
... essential to a band!
In early '89, Roby Sanna and Stefano Grassi, Alessio and Darostet contacted for an informal gathering to drink a beer and talk about this or that, more or less, from that meeting "under pressure” from Darostet, came the jem session which was held the following evening.
The jem was a blow incredible, the sound devastating, "Running in the Wind" was made that evening by a Sanna Riff, but not as we know, was a song very Thrash, Glam, Heavy, Rock, Progressive, etc.
...The Techrome is born!
In the period from '89 to '90, joined the band bass-player Luca Miceli, who was replaced by Jeky Varley late '90s, however, Miceli was the "sixth" member of Techrome, not as a bass-player but as a supporter-Guitar, played in concert and if necessary in the music room, whenever they need his support.
After less than a year, in '91, the band recorded their first work from the symbolic title of "Evolution and Revolution", a demo tape with four tracks of Techno-Thrash devastating, from the opener, "Running in the Wind," on "Insane war", from "Days of Justice", the steamroller of "What a crazy life" and a version (Jazz) of "Insane war", recorded at Studios dracma, with Tino Paratore to the Mixer, which sold the first printing 500 copies at the speed of light, critically acclaimed as the new Italian Band same: Deathrow, Mekong Delta, Watchtower, Heathen, and with the best of the year Demo-Tape.
"Evolution and Revolution" gave the Techrome, the respect usually reserved for international bands and not those of the Italian Bands accused provincialism, except for some cases, Extrema, Braindamage, Elektradrive, Jesterbeast.
The Techrome, participated in several summer Metalfest, and at their concerts, fans were getting higher than the confirmation were the EL PASO hall city of Turin, (the temple of 'Punk, Hard-core), where they had to play two nights, for the sold out.
In '92, the Techrome, participate in the "AA.VV. Nightpieces II "of the dracma, with the song" The right (2) life ", a song that marks a new path of the Band, the sound from the Progressive nuances while remaining anchored in the Techno-Thrash-Metal style.
"Nightpieces II, culminating in the live show at STUDIO TWO hall, where together with Techrome Elektradrive, Gow, Glory Hunter, Crystal Lake, Headcrasher, and more bands, “unsheathe their claws” in a memorable performance.
The year 1993, is the second studio album of Techrome, "Oblivion (your soul)" is a "Demo"
by "punched in the mouth," are seven songs that range from Industrial-Metal of,"The Power of indecision," the Punk-Core, "Stop" (first song in the Italian of Techrome), the Prog-Thrash, of " Oblivion, "the pure Thrash-Metal, of “Guardian Angel”, and the poignant" Post agony. "
This“Oblivion” Demo "not" Demo, confirms Techrome the top of the best Italian Heavy Metal Band of those years, re winning the title of top demo Magazine specialized in various such as: Metalhammer, HM, Flash, Metalshock, Italian Support, la stampa.
In the City of Trieste, in the same year, won the "III° Metal Invasion Festival," the Best Band!
And the participation of Darostet, as special guest at the concert of band from Germany:
Mekong Delta to Kaleidoscope tour Swiss '93.
The greatest rewards, came above all from the growing number of fans, which allowed him to reach the substantial figure of 850 copies of "Oblivion (your soul)" only in Turin and more than double in Italy, crowning the '94 with a tour.
During four years of intense musical activity, from 1990 to 1994, this short period of time gave satisfaction to many Techrome, but a sudden crisis in the late '94 and hit numerous Italian band, especially in Turin, also involving Techrome.
Three/fifths of the band, decided to leave the training for do other experience music, creating problems for two survivors.
But the iron will of Veniero Darostet Vocals and Stefano Grassi Guitar, allowed a distance of approximately one year, the reconstruction of the band, replacing Drummer Alessio Valerio, with Giusy Spampinato former (L'Ecole Maternelles), Bass player Jeky Varley, with Gianni Ansino former (Vilda Skrik), and Guitar player Robbie Sanna, with Giancarlo Vannetti former (Headcrasher).
In 1995, the Techrome again with a new lineup, and renewed charge energy, and a musical vision is not far from the first Techrome training materializing several experiments addressed long before such: lyrics in addition to English, even in Italian.
Contrary to initial skepticism, to the difficulty of finding the right solutions operating, of lyric with a music style as the Heavy-Thrash-Metal, picked up an unexpected consensus from the fans, added new ones.
1996, Techrome, they recorded a promo Master will not be released to the people, but will remain an Advance Tape for printing and promoting the record, in Acqua luce Studios with Tino Paratore to the mixer.
Will be recorded four songs Tecno-thrash-metal, full of atmosphere Prog-psychedelic, from "Among the waves of the ocean", the devastating power of "Ashes" and the psycho-vision "Formica" and "What a dream."
In '96 the Techrome are grappling with a series of concerts, that will be used to mix the new lineup, in anticipation of a mini-tour that will take them to play with, Immolation and Cannibal Corpse, but unfortunately, for some technical reasons, the dates of their tour did't coincided.
In late 1996, another change of formation, slows further Techrome.
Giancarlo Vannetti leaves the band for reasons related to work, which sees him involved with the Tour of Paolo Conte, his place will be covered by Fabio Salituro, unconventional guitar, for his propensity to use, the effects in his guitar style.
Most of 1997 is used by the Band for the composition of new songs and a few concerts, on a new recording, of other ten new songs, is so packed a Promo Master, which will serve the same purpose of Promo Master Advance Tape the last year.
Out of the ten songs, four songs will be chosen that best represent the Techrome sound of the period, "Penis", "Dedication for 2", "Xenos", and
"Energy", Promo form a Prog-Thrash-Metal, which will take Techrome to the attention of the Roadrunner, and Eden ... "But the MUSIC-BISNESS is cruel ...$$$!!!".
However the 1997, will lead to Techrome Consciousness that the work of the Band, had means is that his art was not alone, "Spaghetti-Metal is Mandolin", the '97 ends with a series of concerts with, Santo Niente, Marlene Kuntz.
But it was in '98, which will be the decision to go to work on new songs, to produce the "Techrome Full-length CD," were it not that the year will be spent to meet the umpteenth crisis, for abandonment of the Band for Fabio Salituro Guitar and later by Bass Player Gianni Ansino (for personal reasons), which led to the decision to give all the guitar work, to Stefano Grassi, and consequently the tedious time of auditions to replace Ansino with the new State, the Bass player Ivan Rovero, after this “Anno horribilis” for Techrome and time to gather strength to face the new year.
In 1999, Techrome, take back the CD project, blocked by the events of '98, looming before them a period of very prolific compositional work, this is a job that will commit the Band for about "two years", until the early months of 2001.
This period will consist for the Full-length CD, a suite (of forty minutes), of Furious Techno-Progressive-Thrash-Metal, projected into the future!
In 2001, a happy event "forces" the band at a “crossroads”, the drummer Giuseppe Spampinato, and the singer Veniero Darostet (after their union in marriage of '97), learn the news from there, to nine months , would become parents, the Band decided by agreement to take a break for an indefinite period, to allow each band member, they can devote time to his own private life, work and family, so the project of Debut CD, is temporarily placed in the drawer, and the work of Techrome is reduced to a minimum, postpone the event to a more appropriate time.
From 2001 to 2008, Darostet & Co., will continue to work meeting every now and then, for some jem and take stock of the situation, including a beer, milk bottle, a diaper for baby, and a guitar and evaluate the opportunities when returns the Techrome of full activity.
One such opportunity is revealed in '08, when the Dracma Records, organizes the Dracma Metalfest 2008, to celebrate the 20th year of activity, where they are invited Techrome training '90 / '94, to play at the concert event.
V. Darostet, S. Grassi and with the consent of G. Spampinato, decide that you can do, so advised the former musicians of the event Dracma, Sanna, Alessio and Varlese, willingly rejoined the band except the drummer Alessio Valerio, who decides not to participate for commitment with its band (Petrol) and because believes that the Metal is a music style that is no longer part of his repertoire, leaving the four stunned, and the consequent decision not to attend the event.
Darostet, meanwhile decides that the time is ripe to re-start the Techrome band and asked his friend, Denis Diaz guitar player of the Catalans (Fuente del diablo), which is in Italy for some time to work, going in Techrome to play guitar with Grassi, Diaz accepts willingly, but in '09 will return to Spain for work purposes, will be replaced by guitar player Antony Bormann, from Fracoforte Germany, and lived for years in Italy for working, and fellow to work of Darostet.
... so, in 2011 the Techrome return to open that drawer, and give their fans all the art available to ...eniero Darostet .