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Email address:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Power, Doom 

Personal projects for the site:
- Maintain the Dead of Night (UK) page
- Ensure cover songs are marked as such

My collection page here only accounts for my physical collection, and does not include any digital releases although I basically don't buy digital anymore.

Concerts I've been to:
- Red Sun Rising with Devilstrip and Jeff Klemm and the Letters, Grog Shop Cleveland Ohio, 1/29/2016
- Iron Maiden with The Raven Age, The Palace Detroit Michigan 4/5/2016
- Buckethead, Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola Florida, 5/31/2016
- Trivium with Sabaton and Huntress, Newport Music Hall Columbus Ohio, 9/15/2016
- Skillet with Sick Puppies and Devour the Day, The Agorra Theater Cleveland Ohio, 10/8/2016
- Pop Evil with Bad Flower and LEAV/E/ARTH, The House of Blues Cleveland Ohio 2/14/2017
- Amaranthe with Smash to Pieces, Cypher 16, Citizen Zero, and Failure Anthem, Rex Theater Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 3/4/17
- Sabaton with Battle Beast and Leaves' Eyes, Agora Theater Cleveland Ohio 4/28/2017
- Five Finger Death Punch and Breaking Benjamin with Bad Wolves and From Ashes to New, Blossom Music Center Cleveland Ohio, 9/9/2018
- Ozzy Osbourne with Stone Sour, Blossom Music Center Cleveland Ohio, 9/16/2018
- Pop Evil with Memphis Mayfire and Messer, The Goodyear Theater Akron Ohio, 4/19/2019
- Skillet with Jordan Feliz and Colton Dixon, Matty Kelly Arts Center Destin Florida, 5/8/2021
- Jinjer with Suicide Silence and All Hail the Yeti, Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola Florida, 2021-12-2
- Here Come the Mummies with unknown opener, Lucille's Music Hall Miramar Beach Florida, 2022-11-5
- George Lynch with XYZ and All or Nothing, Club LA Destin Florida, 2022-12-10
- Queensryche with Marty Friedman and Trauma, Club LA Destin Florida, 2023-3-7
- Misfits with Megadeth and Fear, Mid-Florida Credit Union Ampitheatre Tampa Florida, 2023-6-24
- Strutter A Tribute to Kiss with unknown opener, Club LA Destin Florida, 2023-8-5
- Lynch Mob with XYZ, Club LA Destin Florida, 2023-10-13
- Icon for Hire with The Funeral Portrait and Concrete Castles, Club LA Destin Florida, 2023-10-27
- The Iron Maidens with 4 Daze Dead, Kamenar, and Atrium, Club LA Destin Florida, 2023-11-14

Non-metal CDs in my collection:
- 2814, 新しい日の誕生
- 2814, Rain Temple
- AdyS, Bridges to Cross and Witches to Burn
- Alterbridge, One Day Remains (Anyone want it? Cus' I don't.)
- Amaranthe, Massive Addictive
- Asturias, Brilliant Streams
- August Burns Red, Thrill Seeker
- August Burns Red, Messengers
- August Burns Red, Constellations
- August Burns Red, Leveler
- August Burns Red, Sleddin' Hill
- August Burns Red, Found in Far Away Places
- Babymetal, Babymetal
- Babymetal, Metal Resistance
- The Band Perry, The Band Perry
- Blackmore's Night, Shadow of the Moon
- Blackmore's Night, The Village Lanterne
- Blackmore's Night, Secret Voyage
- Blackmore's Night, Autumn Sky
- Blackmore's Night, A Knight in York
- Blackmore's Night, Dance and the Moon
- Blackmore's Night, All Our Yesterdays
- Blackpink, Blackpink
- Breaking Benjamin, Saturate
- Breaking Benjamin, We Are Not Alone
- Breaking Benjamin, Phobia
- Breaking Benjamin, Dear Agony
- Breaking Benjamin, Dark Before Dawn
- The Countless Notes, Shadowgraphs
- Cryoshell, Cryoshell
- DOLL$BOXX, Doll's Apartment
- Earthless, Sonic Prayer
- Florence + The Machine, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
- Fripside, Only my Railgun
- Fuki Commune, Welcome!
- f(x), Vol. 1 Pinnochio
- f(x), Cowboy
- Gary Moore, Wild Frontier
- Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1
- Guns N' Roses, Appetite for Destruction
- Halestorm, The Strange Case of . . .
- Icon for Hire, Scripted
- Icon for Hire, Icon for Hire,
- Icon for Hire, You Can't Kill Us
- Jonathan Turner Band, Proclaim
- Kishida Kyoudan and the Akeboshi Rockets, Highschool of the Dead
- Lasten Hautauusmaa, Lasten Hautauusmaa
- Linked Horizon, 進撃の軌跡
- LiSA, Empty Mermaid
- Neo Structure, Neo Structure
- Nordic Union, Nordic Union
- Psyche Origami, The Standard (Thought it was gonna be a psychedelic rock album, boy was I wrong)
- Red, Until We Have Faces
- Red, Of Beauty and Rage
- Seasons of Ghosts, The Human Paradox
- Silly Wizard, So Many Partings
- Silly Wizard, Kiss the Tears Away
- Skillet, Unleashed
- Stereopony, Hydrangea ga Saiteiru
- Stereopony, Over the Border
- Stereopony, More! More!! More!!!
- Sting & The Police, The Very Best of Sting & The Police
- Supercell, Today is a Beautiful Day
- Sweet Arms, デイト ア ライブ
- Triumph, Classics (Best of)
- Thousand Leaves, God Forsaken*
- Thousand Leaves, Lunatic Dawn*
- Thousand Leaves, Black Cloak Skeleton*
- Thousand Leaves, Blood and Tears*
- Thousand Leaves, Twilight Symphony*
- Witchcraft, The Alchemist
- やなぎなぎ - トコハナ

Non-metal vinyl in my collection:
- The Angelic Process, Weighing Souls with Sand (2x12" gold vinyl)
- Gitogito Hustler, Gito Galore (10")
- Led Zepplin, II (12")
- Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift (7")
- Totem Skin, Still Waters Run Deep (12" white vinyl)
- Totem Skin, Weltschmerz (12" translucent green vinyl)
- Triumph, Never Surrender
- Triumph, Thunder Seven
- Triumph, Stages

Non-metal wishlist:
- Asturias, Brilliant Streams
- Hebe Tien, Insignificance
- Lasten Hautausmaa, II
- Supercell, Zigaexperientia

* Indicates a metal release not present on the archives