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Metal newbie 
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Black Metal 

Pieces of my collection that are not on M.A.:

V/A - Absurd. Tribute To The Tyrants Of German Black Metal (Black Metal Compilation, Donnerschlag Propaganda, Tape)

V/A - Brutal China (A brutal death metal compilation starring: Gorepot, Cock Hanging, Sudden Death, RenChei, Deathpact, Cremation, Autopsia, Corpse Cook. Brutal Reign/ Death Art productions, limitation: 1000, CD)

V/A - If A Person Is Ill That Doesn'T Mean Beyond Help (Multi-Genre compilation, GS Productions, signed by Nagaarum, limitation: 1000, 2-CD)

V/A - Black Battle Corps III (Chinese Black Metal Compilation, 2 CDs, starring Acherozu, Suriel, U-Onnik, Deep Mountains, Gloomy Woods, Remorse, Apendix, XieJia, Tyranny and more, limited to 666 copies, Coldwood Prods)

Elitism - L'Odeur Des Deportes (French NSBM or ''ambient that acts like it is metal'' like some people in the forum are calling it, Werewolf Promotion/Honour and Hate, Tape, 215/488)

Demogorgon - 飛狐 (Chinese Dungeon Synth/Black Metal, Pest Productions, CD)

Fief - I (Dungeon Synth from Salt Lake City, Out Of Season Label, Tape, 81/100)

Det Svarta Landet - Nhervatum (Dungeon Synth/Dark Ambient from France, Obscure Dungeon Records, Tape, 9/9)

Rævjäger - The Tale Of Axe And Torch (Dungeon Synth/Folk Ambient from Russia, Obscure Dungeon Records, Tape, 23/40)

sYstem:Sad - The Longest Trip In The Biggest Nowhere (unknown origin, Ambient/Post Rock, Convalescence Records, CD-R with folded paper cover, 8/12)

Codeine And Visions - When The Sky Turns Black (unknown origin, Drone/Dark Ambient, Convalescence Records, CD-R with folded paper cover, 7/8)

Saturn Form Essence - H.Y.K.-14-2-02 Boxset (Ukrainian Space Ambient/Drone, selfreleased, comes in a handpainted toolbox & contains tapes, floppy disks, patches, a paper insert & metal pins) !!limited to 16 copies!!
''Plutonium Path Throught Endless Coldness'' Demo 2009
''Pure Crystalline Emptiness of Saturn'' Demo 2009
''Temple of Black Star'' Demo 2009
''Where Time Does Not Matter Any More'' Ep 2010
''Vibrations of Solar System'' Ep 2010
''Sirius'' Ep 2010
''Silent Titan'' Ep 2011
''Radioactive Cosmic Rays'' Ep 2010
''Plutonium Shadows'' Ep 2009
''Philosophy of Chaos Structure'' Ep 2009
''Forgotten Space of Chaos'' Ep 2011
''Echo of Distant Planets'' Ep 2011
''Dead Cosmic Isolation 2009'' Ep 2009
''Nebula-NGC-700-H-Alpha'' Ep 2012 (Tape & Floppy Disk)
''Orbital Structure of Venus'' Ep 2011
''Pillars of Creation'' Ep 2014 (Tape & Floppy Disk)
''Cold'' Ep 2009
''Under a sphere of Poisoned uranium'' Album 2009
''Remembrances of Space'' Album 2013
''Galaxy M31 - Andromeda'' Ep 2010
''Signals-19-LPPT-992'' Ep 2015
''Signals-20-LPPT-103'' Ep 2015
''EEMQ-8041'' Ep 2013
''Alpha & Proxima'' Ep 2015
''Sadness of Mars'' Demo 2009
''6EQUJ5'' Ep 2013 (Floppy Disk)

Saturn Form Essence - Plutonium Path Throught Endless Coldness (Ukrainian Drone/Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 316, Tape, 25/199)

Saturn Form Essence - Pure crystalline emptiness of Saturn (Ukrainian Drone/Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, Tape, cut 317, 26/177)

Saturn Form Essence - Dead Cosmic Isolation (Ukrainian Drone/Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 519, Tape, 22/429)

Saturn Form Essence - Echo of distant planets (Ukrainian Drone/Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 300, Tape, 22/163)

Codeine And Visions / Müldeponie / L.ethal S.uicidal D.rugs - Monumental Visions (French Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 1580, Tape, limited to 100 copies)

Müldeponie / Lonely - Split (French Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 1581, Tape, limited to 100 copies)

Weress / Müldeponie - Split (French Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 1578, Tape, limited to 100 copies)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) / Müldeponie - Split (Austrian/French Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 1504, Tape, limited to 66 copies)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Gil-Galad (Austrian Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 164, Tape, 49/100)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Elbenwald (Austrian Ambient, Elven Witchcraft / Beverina Productions, Tape)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Morgoth (Austrian Ambient, Wulfrune Worxxx, Tape, 33/39)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Elbenmacht (Austrian Ambient, Wulfrune Worxxx, Tape, 43/44)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - A Dark Force Shines Golden (Austrian Ambient, Wulfrune Worxxx, Tape, 35/39)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) / Hrossharsgrani / Elisabetha / B-Machina - The songs never remains the same (Austrian Ambient / Metal / Industrial, Wulfrune Worxxx, Tape, 17/66)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Orcish Battle Hymns (Austrian Ambient, Chanteloup Creations, Tape, 147/??)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Songs from the woods (Austrian Ambient, Depressive Illusions Records, cut 181, Tape, 37/99)

Uruk-Hai (Aut) - Twilight (Austrian Ambient, Out Of Season, Tape, 37/100)

Rusha - Untitled (German Power Electronics/Noise, Staalwaart Records, SR001, Tape with Sticker and foldout certificate, copy 22/50)

S.C.O.D. - Speak Chinese Or Die (Chinese Punk/Crust/Hardcore, TIC 008, CD)

3Plusss - Kindskopf LP (German Hip Hop, self-released, CD)

a few promo-sampler (Purity Through Fire, Sturmglanz,...)

In order to see my full collection click on the button above my profile-information.