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slayrrr666's profile

Full name:
Don Anelli 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Power, Thrash 

Not enough space in the other tag, but also love traditional heavy metal as well. Not enough to move the others out but still there.

A note about the reviews:
I care little to nothing about the historical context of the album, I prefer to think of it as an album fresh out of the plastic ready for listening upon reviewing. It's nice that this is the first Black/Death/Heavy/Power/Thrash album ever, it's cool to know but frankly, how's the music within?

Thus, I have a really high score so here's a quick index:
100-91: Immensely enjoyable overall, not too many flawed tracks.
90-81: Above-Average all around and definitely a lot to like.
80-71: Overall average, but tends to land on the more appreciable side of the spectrum.
70-61: On the other side of the average spectrum.
60-50: Split down the middle with half good/half terrible tracks.
Under 50: Far too many flaws to count amongst it's positives, not too many good points about it.

So, yes, not everything I rate 95% or above is considered an all-time classic of the genre to be indulged by all into that particular field, but it's immensely enjoyable as it is.