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sillysillysilly's profile

Fred Durst 
Full name:
Kostas Panagiotou 
Homepage: and 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Doom Metal\DBM 
Comments: has been online internet since May 2001. is the web portal of Metalzone radio show (non-internet ones). The show presents thoroughly the Heavy Metal music scene doing special feature shows, presentations of new releases, tributes to bands, contests, reviews, open discussions, etc.

Metalzone has been broadcasted through Epikinonia Radio Station, the municipal radio station of Iraklio Attica on 94fm since 1998. Through the years our work has established a base of listeners who think highly of Metalzone. In 2006 we have been voted by the readers of the Greek edition of Metal Hammer magazine the best metal radio show in Greece. In 2007 the newly elected mayor of Iraklio Attica, in charge of the municipal radio station, decided to stop the show because of legal technicalities concerning the relationship of the radio producer with the radio station.

In mid June of 2009, after the president of the Epikinonia Radio Station Municipal Radio of Iraklio Attica changed, Metalzone Radio Show got back on the airwaves and is now broadcasted twice a week. Wednesdays @ 23.00 to 02.00 and Fridays 22.00 to 02.00. The shows are also broadcasted through Metalzone Internet Radio for those outside Attica.

At the same time Metalzone Internet Radio which can be accessed if you press the LISTEN HARD 24/7 HEAVY METAL banner on the right side of the page also includes live broadcasts. Every Tuesday @ 19.00 and Thursdays @ 21.00.

Metalzone’s aim is promoting Metal music. The existence and evolution of the website and the radio show have helped many metal bands, to become known in Athens and Greece in general. Our contribution to the Greek Metal community is non-negotiable despite the problems that we face concerning distributors and promoters in Greece. To their surprise we are still here and more people are with us. is a nonprofit aiming website and has no profits whatsoever from any adds on the page. The posters of the live gigs which are being hosted on the website represent no commercial value but only an exchange of sponsoring.
CHIEF EDITOR/ CAPTAIN: Kostas "PureViL" Kyriakakis - myspace
CHIEF EDITOR/ P.R. MANAGER: Elena "Hellena" Mihailidou - myspace
EDITOR: Lampros "Witchfynder General" Tennes - myspace
EDITOR: Nicoleta "Heart Collector" Sarantou - myspace
EDITOR: Dimitris " Stormdrifter" Karadounias - myspace
EDITOR: Efkarpos - myspace
EDITOR: Vaso "Anastriana" Prassa - myspace
EDITOR: Kostantinos "Metal Adveturer" Grevenitis - myspace
EDITOR: Iro "Summoner" Kapeloni - myspace
EDITOR: Antonis "The Nightrider" Alexandropoulos
PHOTOGRAPHER/ EDITOR: Jimmy "Phopethographer" Hatzimoisis - myspace
PHP DEVELOPER: Stavros Kosioulis
GRAPHIC DESIGNER: Stathis "AmazeMe Design" Ridis - myspace
CARTOON ARTIST/ EDITOR: Manos "M For Metal" Alimpertis
FORUM ADMINISTRATOR: Panagiwtis Protopapas

CONTRIBUTOR: Vasilis "Illdisposer" Mazaris - myspace
CONTRIBUTOR: John "L.O.V.E. Machine" Litinakis - myspace
CONTRIBUTOR: Vaggelis "King Of The Kill" Koutsoumpas
CONTRIBUTOR: Dimitris “Spoonman” Karantzinis - myspace
CONTRIBUTOR: Aristos "Der Meister" Tserepas myspace
CONTRIBUTOR: Lambros "Metalshock" Panetas myspace
CONTRIBUTOR: Vassilis "Fixxxer" Tserpes - myspace