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sdaniel's profile

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Daniel Guerrero 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Old-School Death Metal 

Congratulations to grimdoom for the most stupid paragraph in the history of mankind:

"Don't come down on bands like Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth for getting popular and having videos on mtv. This is METAL, we're allowed to make money on our music, punk isn't. If you don't like it when "your" bands get famous, you’re into the wrong genera of music! Heaven forbid some of us are actually able to do this for a living and live the dream!!!! "

Interesados en cambios/ventas, comunicarse a mi correo, sólo DF.

I'll never understand why people list MP3s in their collection. Seriously are you fucking retarded?

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's idiots who come down on nu-metal and deathcore/metalcore, and give 100% reviews to melodeath and power metal bands. You can listen to whatever the fuck you want, just don't criticize others for their tastes when you listen to the same garbage. Gothemburg is on the same level as Korn fucktards.

I know my reviews aren't very good, but I hope to improve steadily :)

Favourite metal genres include: oldschool death metal, funeral doom, oldschool grind and 80s thrash/speed/crossover! Fuck the retro-thrash trend.

Though I was born too late for what I think was metal's golden age (80s-early 90s). I consider myself pretty knowlegeable in most fields, especially death metal. I've made it my hobby to collect old gems, though my collection is still quite small at the moment.

A big fan of cult labels, I think a label is really important and can tell a lot about a band's sound, and there are even some cases where you can safely buy the release and know it'll be excellent by just looking at the label. Some of my favourites include:

-Thrash Records
-Drowned Productions
-Seraphic Decay
-Cogumelo (Early)
-Corpse Grinder
-No Colours (Early)
-Adipocere (Early)
-Aaarrg Records
-MBR Records
-Underground Records
-Wild Rags (early)
-Lowland Records
-Grind Core Records
-Obscure Plasma Records
-Infest Records
-Lethal Records
-Necropolis Records (early)
-MMI Records
-Morbid Records
-Roadrunner/Nuclear Blast/Century Media (Only really early releases)
-West Virginia Records
-Foundation 2000 Records

And countless other small labels.