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screamingfordefender's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
First Strike Still Deadly 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrashing under pressure 

I used to be an ardent heavy metal fan but have grown out of the genre. The more extreme genres fail to impress me as much as it once did. Things keep changing with time, however, there are plenty of albums that will always stand the test of time and stay on as my favorites forever. My preferred genres of Metal include Thrash, early Death, Doom and progressive metal.


0% to 9% - Slightly better than being trapped on an island and forced to survive on your own excrement.

10% to 29% - An album worth hating. Repulsive by it's very nature. Best serves as a tool for torture and interrogation.

30% to 39% - A fundamentally flawed album.

40% to 49% - The bad over-weighs the good.

50% to 54% - Just about as mediocre as it gets. Not quite bad enough to offend you but not good enough to recommend to anyone.

55% to 59% - A dull affair with one or two decent cuts. All hope is not lost.

60% to 64% - Repetitive, lacking variety and energy. Listen-able but gets old very fast. A decent one time listen.

65% to 69% - An inconsistent offering that manages to keep your attention somehow.

70% to 74% - A good album, usually with two or three unoffensive fillers. Leaves a bit more to be desired.

75% to 79% - A consistent album that perhaps fails to reach it's complete potential.

80% to 84% - Falls just short of being a classic of it's genre. A worthy addition to a band's discography and something that definitely won't disappoint the fans.

85% to 90% - A classic of it's particular genre. Usually an album recommendable to people who want a taste of it's genre.

91% to 99% - A timeless masterpiece, no strings attached. An album that has inspired and fascinated me and will continue to do so.

100% - ???