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Mallcore kid 
Full name:
Dan Peters 
U.S. Minor Outlying Islands 

Many people who seem to accomplish the seemingly impossible speak about the magic of massive action. What does this mean? It means you exert maximum effort over a short period of time. It means you push everything else aside and just focus on your goal. After that period of time, you'll look back on what you have accomplished and be amazed.

Making time to play sounds contradictory to the preceding section where we describe massive action, which requires almost continuous effort. One of the hallmarks of a massive action campaign is that you set it for a brief period and there's a hard deadline. Most of the time you're working with your eyes fixed on the affiliate marketing tasks you need to complete to accomplish your goals. But taking brief breaks is just as important.

It's during those breaks that your creativity is unleashed and new ideas develop. New affiliate marketing strategies bubble up for you. The internet is constantly changing and evolving. The creativity displayed on the internet always amazes us, inspires us, and gives us new ideas.

These breaks should be brief to prevent you from falling out of your groove and taking a long time to get back into the flow. We've known people who have taken a break and never picked up the massive action plan again. Put aside half an hour to do or talk about something other than your affiliate marketing. Brief naps (great energy rechargers), brief periods of reading, exercise, and walks all work. You can come up with your own energy rechargers, too. Just make sure they are brief and you get back to work; don't drift into wasting the rest of the day.