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Allyson Allie 

A Manager' behavior is contrasted to a neutral Dominators' actions. When there are players around, the Boss will target the closest gamer. If an additional player gets closer than the targeted player or if the targeted player gets even more than the following closest gamer, the Boss will remain to target their sufferer until the target goes out of its FoV. Instead, they will be partially invisible to quit them from hiding and also making the game take place forever. Gamers can maintain invisibility by slightly relocating an extremely short distance at a time.
This a little exposes the gamer but permits Body Damage constructs to get near to their opponent slowly prior to closing in for the kill. The Stalker is best used to snipe adversaries from nearby to obtain a couple of more hits on the target. The Supervisor is best utilized to quietly farm or to utilize the strategies of the Stalker. The Landmine is best made use of to ram right into Containers with the Body Damage Method.