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riffbro's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
filip mirazovic 
Favourite metal genre(s):
The one with songs and riffs 

Favorite bands:
Metallica (old of course, and i enjoy some of the new, not really a Met fanboy freak. Not a fan freak of any for that matter, but a focused mature gentlman who wants quality for his money), Therion , Mercyfull Fate, King Diamond, Down, Pantera, Blind Guardian,The Crown, old Manowar, old Nightwish, Megadeth, Benighted,Darkthrone, Septicflesh, Savatage, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest,Hell, Orphaned Land , Metal Church, Alice in Chans, etc, etc, etc,( basically all the greatest metal bands with the most talented musicianship, the best songs and serious riffs) and I stay alert to the underground and the local scene like: Nekropolis, The stone, Tales of dark, Putrid Blood...( all Serbia), Elvenking (Ita.), Black Bomb A, ( Fra.), and many more. Not a fan of Iron Maiden (sorry, I tried...).
As you can see ,I'm a versatile and tolerant metalhead (older model) in a search of a bombastic and skilled heavy metal delivery, with great riffs and atmosphere ( (eh , doesn't we all,...), .
I buy my CD's because I want to possess a long life copy of my music, have the original artwork / lyrics/ object, support the artists, and enjoy my loud Metal on a great sound system.
My tolerance stops at rapmetal , noise bullshit, ripping off older bands with no coherence but only a rougher edge.

I also listen to Classic (John Plyford, Jean d'Estré, John Dowland, Bach ( motherfucking Toccata and fugue, one of the heavy metal's grand precursors), Vivaldi, Handel, Paganini, Chostakovich, Shubert...), classic rock, middle age Troubadours,and even some country/folk.

Favorite non metal bands :

The Beatles ,McCartney solo, Lennon solo (I skip songs with Yoko), Neil Young and the Crazy Horse,Creedence Clairwater revaval, Led Zep., Cream, Deep Purple ,etc, Johny Cash, Riblja Corba ( Serb.), Bijelo Dugme (You. Goran Bregovic), Nervozni Postar (Bosnian, folk- rock),Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI, Lynnard Skinnard, AC/DC, Guns 'n Roses, Mostar sevdah Reunion ( Bosnia, folk), Smak (Serb. prog)...

If you havn't heard it yet, you should look up for:

"Conan the barbarian" OST by Basil Poleduris, "Barry Lyndon" OST, "John Lennon and the plastic Ono band" and "Somethime in NY city"( songs with Yoko count as fillers) by J.Lennon, "Ram" and "Chaos and creation in the backyard"by Paul McCartney, " The Beatles Heavy Metal Reunion, 1982" (no I'm just kiddin'), "Wheels of Fire" by Cream , Ummagumma" by Pink Floyd, and... enough already!

I have a collection of around 500+ CD's, (200 metal) and growing.

I don't download ,I stream , than buy if convinced.

A wish a great day to everyone.