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razorfistforce's profile

Full name:
Tyler Kasuboski 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
80's Euro-Metal, NWOBHM 

I'm a "metal newbie" (that is SO insulting and stupid) who has now dedicated 25+ years to collecting, performing(in my band RAZOR FIST), analyzing, tape trading, and spreading the heavy metal cause. Remember, Metal is both a mission and a way of life.

Favorite band of all-time: Thin Lizzy

Favorite album: Black Sabbath-"Sabotage" LP 1975

Favorite metal band of all-time: Heavy Load

Favorite NWOBHM single: Satan-"Kiss Of Death" TIED with Hollow Ground-EP

Favorite American metal LP of all-time: Trouble-"Trouble" LP 1990

Favorite Canadian metal LP of all-time: Voivod-"War And Pain" LP 1984

Favorite Australian Metal/Hard Rock band: The Angels (aka Angel City)

Favorite 70's U.S. proto-metal LP: Granicus-"Granicus" 1973

If I could go back in time and see one show: Hawkwind-Live At Chicago Auditorium-March 24, 1974 ("The '1999' Party") TIED with Grateful Dead-Live At Winterland Arena, San Francisco 12/29/1977 TIED with MC5-Live At Grande Ballroom, Detroit 10/30-31/1968

Most Under-rated U.S. metal band ever: Cirith Ungol TIED with Blessed Death

Most Under-rated U.K. metal band of the 2nd half of 1980's: Sabbat

Greatest "overlooked" NWOBHM LPs: Legend-"Death In The Nursery" LP and Voltz-"Knight's Fall" LP

Most ahead of their time NWOBHM band: Hell

Also, love death-thrash period of mid-late 80's (bands like Germany's Protector and Poison, Massacra & Agressor both from France, Insanity from San Francisco, Morbid Saint from Wisconsin, Mortuary from Mexico, Chile's Death Yell, Dutch legends Dead Head, Schizo & Necrodeath from Italy, Merciless from Sweden, Sarcofago & Sextrash & Vulcano & Mutilator from Brazil, S.O.B. from Japan, and countless others especially from S. America)

Most influential non-metal bands on heavy metal: Blue Cheer, Queen, Thin Lizzy, UFO, Dead Boys, Black Flag, Dictators, The Damned, Plasmatics, Hawkwind, Discharge, UK Subs, G.B.H., Sweet, Status Quo, Misfits/Samhain, Minor Threat, SS Decontrol (SSD), The Stooges, MC5, Sham 69, Germs, Rose Tattoo, countless prog and Krautrock bands, and most importantly Motorhead, for those of us who do not consider them a metal band (Lemmy himself has NEVER adopted or accepted the idea of Motorhead as a metal band)