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United States 
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I've searched for a whole bunch of odd music, and odd metal is my favorite. I'm interested in just about anything intense, bizarre, unique, and extreme. Anything is fair game for me. A good bit of groove and heaviness is all I need to hook into a song and have a good time. Weirdness is a plus for me one one end, and memorability is a plus on another end. That certainly does a lot to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to a genre like metal.

Dumb buzzwords like "Mainstream" and "Hipster" don't dissuade me from enjoying something much anymore. Just relax, enjoy/despise what you do and if asked, tell the people why. After all, if it's just about the music and not some stupid "scene clash" nonsense you should be fine. Stand by your music and don't let others boss you around. After all, we're all individuals.

The funkier, the chunkier, the more groovy, and the more unorthodox, the happier I'm likely to be.
Ratings Scale

100-Brilliant, Definitive, Legendary Albums. Flawless or Near-Flawless with a truly impressive sound.

90's-Personal Favorites, Great Albums. Very little or nothing wrong with it and a whole lot right with it.

80's-Good Albums, Definite Keepers, Great sound with few flaws.

70's-OK leaning towards good, Not a lot wrong with it, but a little right with it. Or, a lot of good but with moderate flaws.

60's-OK, nothing really right or wrong with it, Or, strong mixed feelings, listenable.

50's-Neutral or Mixed, unimpressive.

40's-Bad, severe flaws with some positives

30's-Crappy, very strong negatives with few minor redeeming factors

20's and Below-Damnable, Severely or completely negative to the point of being painful or unlistenable