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potassium_cianide's profile

Metal newbie 
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Fernando Jambeiro 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash metal, heavy metal 

I´m from Brazil.I´ve started listening to metal in 1996, when my sister brought Metallica´s "Black Album" from US. Not a very good beggining, yes, but...better than listening to "Risk" first, eh???

Then, i "met" Pantera, Sepultura and Slayer, and I´ve been broadening my "metal knowledge" since then. Now I listen to virtually every metal style, from traditional heavy to black and death. I enjoy Metallica (old!!), Slayer, Testament, Symphony X, Helloween, Angra, Iced Earth, Testament, Adagio, Slayer, Fear Factory, Iron Maiden, etc., and if I don´t know a certain band, i download some mp3´s and give the band a try. If it sounds good for my standards, I download MORE mp3´s (hehehe), and probably I can buy a cd or so. I mean, I don´t disdain any band just because it plays *put your favorite style here* metal...i´ve never listened to the band! It might be good to my ears.

It explains the fact of enjoying such different bands as Symphony X and Annihilator.

P.S: since I´m not american, my English might contain some mistakes...AND, the cd´s listed in my metal collection are NOT my entire collection of cd´s...i have about 15 compilation cd´s made in my cd burner, and i own albums like Joe Satriani live, etc. etc.

(very old description, not in the mood to change right now)