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Mike Novak 
United States 
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Not black metal or metalcore 

I guess since I'm writing more reviews recently, I should include a scale. This way you can get an idea of what I think of an album just by reading its grade! No more wasting time reading long-ass reviews, unless you actually want to, of course.

100: Perfect, like Opeth's "Blackwater Park"
95-99: One of the greatest metal albums ever written.
90-94: Essential
85-89: Very good album, usually has one big flaw or a couple minor ones that keep it from a 90+.
80-84: Not essential, but still worth paying full price for.
70-79: Certainly not perfect, but merits at least several listens.
50-69: Some major flaws, but still contains a few songs that are worth listening to.
20-49: Maybe one or two decent moments amidst otherwise boring or awful music.
1-19: Varying degrees of shit. At this point, the grade doesn't really matter, because no matter how you look at it, it's still shit.
0: This very special grade is reserved for a select few albums that either have no redeeming qualities whatsoever or are attempts by record labels to cash in on the fucking idiots that pollute the scene.

I also review for Some of my reviews there will show up here too. If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or suggestions for reviews, feel free to email me. If you're a band and want to put my review on your website or something, please email a request for permission (chances are that I will say yes).