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Black Death Thrash 

You can find here some cool stuff for collectors on my homepage:

A big label list with discographies of Cogumelo Rec., Baron Rec., Carnage Rec., Wild Rags Rec. and around 100 more labels, dead gone and forgotten ones, but still cult record labels:

Here is my trade-list (some highly collectable) stuff and want-list:

And here is a list with 10.000+ titles I possess on CD/LP/7". This is especially interesting for other collectors.

4th Feb 2005

Top 10 at the moment

Parabellum - Mutacion Por Radiacion MLP
Goat Semen / Anal Vomit - Split CD
Descerbration - Underground Victory CD
Demoncy - Joined In Darkness LP
Terrorama - Horrid Efface LP
Gorement - The Ending Quest CD
Witchtrap - Sorceress Bitch LP
Deteriorot - In Ancient Beliefs CD
Disciples Of Mockery - Prelude To Apocalypse CD
Nazxul - Black Seed MCD

TOP 10 Demo List

Warhammer - Towards The Chapter Of Chaos '97
Hellhammer - Satanic Rites '83
Morbid Scream - Morbid Scream '89 / Demo '87
Poison - Into The Abyss '87
Necrophobic - Slow Asphyxiation '90
Obscurity - Ovations To Death '86
Celestial Pain - Hatred '96
Necrovore - Reh./Demo '87 / The Unholy Gods Are In Black '91
Corpse - Black Dawn '87
Coroner - The Unreleased Tour Tape '85-'95 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Genocide (pre-Repulsion) - Violent death Reh./Demo '84

TOP 10 List of disappointments

Celtic Frost - Cold Lake LP
Assassin - Interstellar Experience LP
Master's Hammer - Slagery CD
Mystifier - The World Is So Good That Who Made It Doesn't Live Here MCD
Candlemass - Chapter IV CD
Grave - Still Hating Life CD
Immortal - Blizzard Beasts LP
Gorgoroth - Destroyer CD
Tsatthogua - Hosanna Bizzare CD
and at least 100 supershitty Black Metal records, recorded by stupid children, who have no idea, what a cult Black Metal once was, who destroy this cult
with every one of their ultraweak releases...

Alltime Faves

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return MLPs
Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids MLP
Possessed - Seven Churches LP
Messiah - Hymns To Abramelin/Extreme Cold Weather LPs
Coroner - R.I.P. LP
Assassin - The Upcoming Terror LP
Delirium - Zzooouhh LP
Seance - Fornever Laid To Rest LP
Therion - Beyond Sanctorum LP
Samael - Worship Him LP
Flames Of Hell - Fire And Steel LP
Magnus - I Was Watching My Death CD
+ stuff from Venom/Bathory/Razor/Grave/Unleashed/Death/Exciter/Onslaught/Poison (GER)/R.U.Dead?/Bolt
Thrower/Kreator/Sodom/Whiplash/Slaughter/Dream Death/Destruction/Slayer/Grotesque/Absu/Edge Of Sanity/ Sabbat/Enslaved/Argentum/Furbowl/Morbid

I don't do tapetrading anymore due to massive lack of time, and I don't do CDR-trading or whatever. And please don't ask if I sell something from my colleciton, cause I don't.

And oh yes: NS-kids, please fukkk off and make my day. Same for the other side. Left-wing or nazishit, red or brown: Same shit, just different colour.