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penitentiary666's profile

Metal newbie 
Email address:
Full name:
jimi redshaw 
United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
deathmetal/gore grind 

Drummer for Pain Penitentiary.


From the teenage adolescent minds of James Lovett and Jimi Redshaw the embryonic formation of Pain Penitentiary began.
Forming in 2004 with no musical talent whatsoever the band laid down the foundations for the death metal brutality what would follow in later years. The young minds absorbing both the new discovery of the death metal genre and the thriving live metal pub scene surrounding the east u.k in 2005-06.
Soon after the addition of Sam Voisey Tong as bass player and cutting their milk teeth playing local shows the band went in to local studio to record their first offering.
Taking influence from such bands as Cannibal Corpse and Gorerotted the band’s first cd Organ pit displayed the raw sound and potential that was resting within, as well as helping the band identify with a heavy sound they wished to create .The tracks “Cell of Torment” and of course “Organ Pit” itself aided the achievement of positive reviews and the cd being described as ” down right demonic and vitriolic.”

The gigs what followed Organ Pits release included slots supporting many uk underground acts like Amputated , Beef Conspiracy ,Fleshrot and Infestation. Also playing alongside foreign death metal giants Abysmal Torment and Sanatorium.
In 2009 Pain Penitentiary headed to the studio to record Organ Pit’s follow up Suffer the Torture.
Suffer the Torture taking the brutality to the next level : superior compositions brutally executed with a new found lyrical sickness. Song subjects including extreme acts of torture and abduction as well as a tale of consuming a victims rotting flesh in order to kill yourself.
The MCD became part of a split with fellow east uk band Organ Grinder and was distributed by uk monster label Grindethic records in 2010.
Despite the release of Suffer The torture 2010 remained a quiet year for Pain Penitentiary with only a handful of shows played and the departure of Sam Voisey Tong. Late 2010-11 saw the remaining members locked away creating new noise and on the hunt for a new addition to the penitentiary. The role of bass player was eventually undertaken by friend of the band Jason Lambert.
In March 2011 Pain Penitentiary has been resurrected to a relentless entity rabid for release.