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Metal newbie 
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Paranj Kalyani 
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Thrash, Death, NWOBHM, Black 

death, black, thrash, doom.. almost all metal genres are appreciated by me. I also love gaming, computers and playing my guitar xD. It's hard to name my fav. bands because I dont listen a single band much. Quite new to this site but expect me to rise up :).

My review system (if you care i.e) :-

95 - 100% :- Rush to the store and get the fucking album

85-95% :- Some flaws here and there but still a gem.

80-85% :- Great album with some flaws. Not big flaws though.

75-80% :- Nice effort. Good for a few listens but nothing to write home about.

70-75% :- Okay album. Will appeal die-hard fans of the band/specific genre more than others

60-70% :- Mediocre. Good for a listen but you aren't missing anything special

40-60% :- Flawed album. Can be avoided unless you are a big fan of the band/genre

30-40% :- Bad album.

20-30% :- This is the ultimate limit. Dont listen to anything rated in this lines

0-20% :- Waste of an album. Stay atleast 10 miles away from this kind of crap.

Well, that's it. My vocabulary might sound a little sucky but that's cause I come from a non-English country and I am quite young. I write reviews here so that my fellow metallers can have my opinion on a particular album and also cause I can improve my communication skills.

Well.. keep it metal.