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nightdark's profile

Metal newbie 
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Jonathan Lerner 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Anti-cosmic Metal ov Death! 

Hello, my name is Jonathan and I am a guitarist. Have been playing since I was 11. And I've been a Metalhead since I was 14. I am also into Anime and Manga.

I am also a follower of Jon Nodtviedt's path. I was raised in a Messianic Jewish (Jews for Jesus) household. But now I am a proud Anti-Cosmic Satanist. I believe I was born in this world to take Jon's place. I share the same name as Jon (obviously) and I am also friends with an Iranian just like Jon. His name is Hamed. But I call him Black Emperor like the rest of his friends do. He is a vocalist in a Death Metal band named Nex Carnis. I also own a Gibson Flying V like Jon did. I also hope one day that Black Emperor will be able to get out of his shithole and once great nation and one day he will plan on moving to L.A. so he could be near his mother. And I will move in with him.