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all kinds of metal 

the stuff in my collection are only original cd's and tapes and dvd's in a good state.
once i had more, but in time cds get damaged or scratched. i did not add these cd's etc.
the stuff in my tradelist is also in good quality, only sometimes you can see the stuff is old, but that's something that can happen :p
it's in my tradelist becourse i have it double or just lost intrest in it.
i collect dutch black metal and am owner of Zwaertgevegt (dutch bm tape label)

also in my collection but not on metal-archives (but has links to metal or ambient etc):

original releases:
ac/dc - fly on the wall
aderlating - spear of gold and seraphim bone (consouling sounds)
aderlating - the nectar of perversity springs from the well of repression
aerosmith - big ones
alessa - eternal emptiness (achtung! records tape 27/50)
april wine - harder...faster (lp)
aryan assault - stormwerfer (wolfsangel productionen)
aryan assault - sturmwerfer tape (wolfsangel productionen)
aryan assault - a repeat in history (wolfsangel productionen)
aryan assault - a call to arms (wolfsangel productionen)
aryan supramacy - musikalische soldaten (wolfsangel productionen)
asia - astra
asylum - cosmic plagues tape (parasyte curse)
bloedakker - heilige verkrachter (limited cd-r * 2)
bon jovi - greatest hits
brigade m - trouw aan rood, wit, blauw
cement - st
curse of wotan - we are cursed cd-r (speed slaughter productions)
curse of wotan - staredown on nothing/ancient faith and strength/the ritual for mother earth cd-r (speed slaughter productions)
curse of wotan - winter sadness cd-r (speed slaughter productions)
dapnom - s'ohö... aiÿ uhè en-öghg (a.p.III)
deadcell - state of fear
deadcell - black rooster
deadcell - heart of the sun
deadcell - the dark side of the light
die and become! - st
dwarka - zonsopkomst (lafawijn records 10/100)
dwarka - donkere tijden (frostmond)
éadóchas - beneath the lonely mountain (sword prod. 073/300)
ehrlichkeit - subterranean passages (depressive illusions 8/100)
einsatz commando - the forest call (tape 90/288)
epitaph - return to reality (lp)
europe - the final countdown (lp)
great white - hooked (capital records 1991)
grimorium verum (nl) - of seals spells and spirits (the mercius collective 15/d)
gruuthaagy - conscript
guns n' roses - appetite for destruction
guns n' roses - use your illusion 1
heart - dreamboat annie
heart - little queen
heart - st
hexerij (hol) - demo (2009) limited tape 7/20
ian gillan band - child in time (lp)
journey - escape (lp)
kaniba - a journey in four chapters
kill - wasteland svartgalgh cd-r 14/50
kiss - st
kiss - dressed to kill
kiss - destroyer (lp)
kiss - alive II (lp)
kiss - rock and roll over
kiss - love gun
kiss - dynasty
kiss - lick it up
kiss - crazy nights
kraakhoer - souteneurs van 't kwaad
kristus kut - butterfly king
led zeppelin - remasters
lepra (hol) - ladykiller (2006) limited cd-r 14/25
lepra (hol) - spek_takel
lita ford - stiletto (lp bmg music)
lømmel - demo 2012 (TurfLand recordings nr. 4-4)
lord gorgo - escape from emptiness
lord gorgo - dreamland of forgotten times
lord gorgo - queen of the demons
manica - endless aggression ziekte-nl
manica & necrosadik - through the halls of our infinital sickness
marilyn manson - antichrist superstar
marilyn manson - mechanical animals
melancholie - verlangen
michael schenker group - msg (lp)
narcotic isolation - dreams (2010) zwaertgevegt tape
necrosadik - across this painfull road (hatefull noise 27/77)
necrosadik/fuck your life - splitted insanity (hatefull noise 23/77)
negativum - old rehearsals I (hatefull noise 19/60)
norss/ego death - endosnopisis (skull fucking metal)
o - II
orbis - forest illuminationis (2011 darkness shade records)
orbis - war trilogy tape (achtung! records) limited tape 18-80
orbis - the unquestionable chapters of a world forgotten (darkness shade records/satanic deathcult productions tape nr 056)
profectum iri / utukku - the black hermetic order (the throat/crude form 24/30)
profectum iri ‎– murmur abyssus (the throat 11/25)
profectum iri - puur zwart kwaad (the throat 8/40)
profectum iri - those that follow my path are doomed to die a lonesome and miserable death
perkuno - decay
perkuno - plague (5/33)
primus - selling the sea of cheese
ratt - ratt ep
sammy hagar - danger zone
sagntid - where the black dogs cease to bark
sagntid - socialt opbrugt
satanhartalt - hæðenfolc
seirom - 1973 (aurora borealis)
speed guru - from matool
stalaggh - projekt nihil (limited digi cd nr:129/1000)
stalaggh - nihilistik terrror
stalaggh - st limited 7" nr 214/300
stalaggh - projekt misanthropia 7"
steve vai - passion and warfare
temple ov decibel - promo 2014
the bandio - solo para skinheads
the devil's blood - the graveyard shuffle 7"
the devil's blood - come reap cd
the devil's blood - i'll be your ghost cd
the devil's blood - the time of no time evermore cd
the devil's blood - fire burning mcd
the devil's blood - the thousandfold epicentre cd
totenkroon - razors have to edges
triumph - progression of power (lp)
ufo - strangers in the night
ulv (hol) - sase
ulv (hol) - snieg
ulv - stille storm
ulv - hypnoottinen (12/30)
ulv - bedvet
vandenberg - the definitive
van halen - best of volume 1
vartanian - jiaru
vinland ss/eiserne besen/ilsa koch/trial by fire - we are patriots
vixen - st
vornoff - 2002 recordings
vornoff - body and blood
wangelen - el camino pagano (a.m.f. tape)
whitesnake - whitesnake
wolfsduister - het duistere pad limited tape 8/66
wolfsduister - altaar 7"
wolfsduister - satanisch
wolfsduister - zwarte magie tape (4/16)
wolfsduister/norss - nachtelijk verbond tape (12/20)
wolfsduister/norss- nachtprofeten (cdr 20/22)
wolfsduister - dodenakker
wolfsduister - krocht der verbannen geesten (28/50)
wolfsduister - schaduw (20/22)
wolfsduister/grist (hol/aus) - exquisite corpse
wolfsduister/grist (hol/aus) - the unity
yaotzin (hol) - rare tracks (2002)
zeeuwse meisjes molestors - satan is a z.m.m. worshipper
zonnewiel - bloed en bodem
zonnewiel - channeling the essence of wuotan
various - ambassadors of darkness
various - cold black metal
various - forgotten wisdom productions cd sampler vol 1
various - jesus wept comp #2 (black arts)
various - krieg gegen das kreuz II (23/100)
various - lightning over the burning church (a tribute to moonblood)
various - nlbm compilatie (wolfsvuur records (2009) limited tape 25/60)
various - non con promo (with mordaehoth, haatstrijd etc.)
various - originators of the northern darkness_a tribute to mayhem
various - oud en bezeten
various - satan's cure for christianity
various - stimmen aus der tiefe #1
various - southern elite circle compilation
various - suicidal depression compilation tape
various - the ritual tape IV
various - the wine of satan vol II cd
various - traces of death 3 soundtrack (1995)
various - tyrants from the abyss - morbid angel tribute
various - unitedunder banner of war
y & t - black tiger (lp)

studio bootlegs:
funeral winds - la majestie infernable
iron maiden - wasting love ep
iron maiden - lord of the flies ep
moonblood - fur den sieg
mysticum - demons never sleep
ordo draconis/yaotzin - promo '99
type o negative - stone flowers

live bootlegs:
iron maiden - fear of the dark live
iron maiden - hallowed be thy name
living death - live in frankfurt 10-09-1984
nuclear assault - live zwolle '88/live london '87/demo '86
onslaught - live in gateshead 01-12-1984
overkill - live at san francisco '86/demo '83
samael - live in dark
type o negative - suicide is self expression
type o negative - to me is so unreal...
type o negative - even snow dies
type o negative - steel o dick
type o negative - light my fire
type o negative - live, rare and hard
type o negative - bizarre types
voivod - "spectrum" live 09-1987

funeral winds/abigail - rotterdam 27_3_'93/japan 7_8_'92 (bootleg)

non metal:
abba - the best of (lp polydor 1975)
abba - arrival (lp 1976)
abba - the album (lp 1977)
adam and the ants - prince charming (7")
anouk - together alone
anouk -urban solitude
anouk - graduated fool
bangles - greatest hits
blondie - essential
blue oyster cult - super hits
creedence clearwater revival - chronicle
david bowie - best of bowie
depeche mode - the singles 8185
duran duran - greatest
ekseption - trinity (lp 1972)
elvis presley - 30 #1 hits
eurythmics - ultimate collection
fleetwood mac - greatest hits
foo fighters - greatest hits
herb alpert - definitive hits
janis joplin - janis joplin's greatest hits
joy division - substance
karma_sutra - gruis
karma_sutra - maan
kave - dismal radiance
level 42 - running in the family (lp)
lustmord - paradise disowned
lustmord - heresy (digi cd)
lustmord - the monstrous soul
lustmord - the place where the black stars hang
lustmord - purifying fire
lustmord - metavoid
lustmord - [other]
lustmord - songs of gods and demons (digi cd)
madness - divine madness
marillion - misplaced childhood/script for a jester's tear <2 cd
mortal - fathom
neil diamond - jonathan livingston seagull (lp 1973)
neil young - greatest hits
nirvana - bleach
o.s.t. - jesus christ superstar (lp 1970)
o.s.t. - once upon a time in the west (lp)
o.s.t. - pulp fiction cd
picies - doolittle
pixies bossanova
prodigy - experience
psychonaut 75 - hellmachine
queen - sheer heart attack
ramones - anthology
r.e.m. - greerisha - ЛѢто
rush - gold
several hidden mountains - divine elevation through the occult radiations of the sun.
simon and garfunkel - the concert in central park (lp 1982
siouxie and the bangees - the best of
status quo - gold
talk talk - natural history (very best of)
tears for fears - tears roll down_greatest hits
the beatles - 1
the corrs - best of
the cure - staring at the sea
the doors - the very best of
the police - greatest hits
the rolling stones - jump back
the smashing pumpkins - mellon collie and the infinite sadness <2cd
the smashing pumpkins - machina/the machines of god
the smiths - singles
the who - who's next
the who - tommy
thijs van leer - introspection (lp 1972)
tom petty & the heartbreakers - greatest hits
ultravox - essential
u2 - boy
u2 - war
zz top - greatest hits