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The Costa Rei is surrounded to the south by the rocky and sandy bays of Sant'Elmo and to the north by Capo Ferrato, which is safeguarded and can not be built on. The natural appeal of the Costa Rei is comparable to the well-known Costa Smeralda. Little bays alternate with long sandy beaches, in front of a hilly hinterland with evergreen macchia and enforcing granite rocks.

If you desire to reach the Costa Rei, you will go through one of the most suggestive areas of Sardinia: the Sarrabus. The charm of this area is further enhanced by the profile of the "Sette Fratelli" mountain complex that controls the park. The park is a natural oasis of great worth, an ideal location for relaxing strolls. Between the mountains and the opulent hills and the sea, which provides all kinds of shades of blue, a flourishing Mediterranean maquis, in some places the enchanting spots of the Costa Rei appear in view, such as Cala Pira: a little bay framed by dunes covered with fragrant juniper. This location is made more captivating by the sparse summary of the "Torre Aragonese" tower that dominates the crystal clear sea.

The white beach "Cala Sinzias" is enclosed between 2 headlands and is secured by a thick pine forest. It is extremely near to the center of Costa Rei: a lovely resort, situated on a stretch of great white sand that appears limitless, caressed by the sea with its seductive tones of color, from blue-green green to dark blue. 10 kilometers of splendid beach, which is an ideal destination for any type of holiday because of its shallow waters and the fantastic range of traveler services offered, such as quality hotels and restaurants.

Behind the Costa Rei there is a fertile agricultural area that offers a large variety of biological items of exceptional quality. In the middle of the fields when cultivated by prisoners in open jail, it deserves checking out the former chastening colony of Castiadas, a building dating from 1877, which is now a cultural center and museum.

Nearby is Muravera, a small dynamic town that offers beautiful hospitality not only in summertime. The whole town is really included when in spring the village celebration of citrus fruits, the "Sagra degli Agrumi". Here it is possible to get to understand the limitless ranges of history and folklore of this territory, where the valorization of the conventional culture is especially intense.

If you would like to have actually an unwinded, car-free beach trip, the Costa Rei is the right place for you. The substantial beaches use peace and quiet.

There is no other area in Sardinia where trip homes and beach paradise come closer and more unobtrusively together than in the town of Costa Rei. A couple of steps are adequate to commute between the sea and the mattress in your trip home.