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Matt Carmichael 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death and Doom but all is good 

I think there's something to like in all genres, but I tend to gravitate towards Death and Doom (funeral strains particularly) metal mostly.

Also, come get your nerd on with my nerdy Game Reviews for when I get bored reviewing metal.

Oh and I've got a now

Well, I may as well go through the other standard stuff people post in here

Archived bands I've seen live:
Dream Theater (7/10)
Nocturnal Graves (9/10)
Vomitor (6/10) (8/10)
Destroyer 666 (10/10)
Hate Eternal (6/10)
Abigail Williams (3/10)
Nile (10/10)
Wreak (3/10)
Dawn of Retribution (3/10)
Destruktor (8/10)
Om (9/10)
Rotten Chop (3/10)
Dying Fetus (7/10)
Napalm Death (9/10)
Ignivomous (8/10) (1/10) (6/10)
Clagg (8/10)
The Day Everything Became Nothing (1/10)
Gospel of the Horns (6/10)
Cauldron Black Ram (6/10)
Coffins (10/10)
Guild of Destruction (6/10)
Astriaal (6/10)
Mayhem (9/10)
Doubled Over (6/10)
Dining in Tuscany (3/10)
The Mung (7/10)
A Million Dead Birds Laughing (7/10)(6/10)
Ulcerate (6/10)
Ouroboros (5/10)
The Amenta (6/10)
Morbid Angel (6/10)
Black Majesty (6/10)
Eyefear (6/10)
Blind Gaurdian (10/10)
Encircling Sea (6/10)(6/10)
Alcest (4/10)
Ruins (4/10)
Portal (10/10)(10/10)
Absu (9/10)
Thrall (5/10)
Inquisition (10/10)
Nasum (10/10)
Marduk (6/10)
Shihad (3/10)
Black Sabbath (8/10)
Catacombs (6/10)
Perseverance (2/10)
Moonsorrow (9/10)

Cryptopsy - Whisper Supremacy
Destroyer 666 - World Defiance Tour, Australian edition
Funebrarum - Logo
Nile - Those Whom the Gods Detest
Destruktor - Logo
Om - Light Grey Australian Tour Shirt
Napalm Death
Ignivomous - White
Coffins - Buried Death
Evoken - Antithesis of Light
Ulcerate - Tyrant
Cemetery Urn - Urn of Blood
Hooded Menace - Never Cross the Dead
Disma - Towards the Megalith
Esoteric - The Maniacal Vale
Absu - 2012 Australian Tour Shirt
Inquisition - Undead virgin Mary, with dead infant holding inverted crucifix.
Nasum - Logo
Portal - Cabinet head with a face vomiting tentacles
Portal - Thing... I don't know, it has a bunch of faces
Marduk - Old timey etching looking picture
Black Sabbath - Australian Tour 2013

Reliable Labels, any issues will be noted:
Necroharmonic (Necrosexul on eBay) - {have heard negative things, personal experience good}
The Omega Order -
Obsidian Records -
Hells Headbangers Records - - {Mostly russian press with no indication}
Goregiastic Records, Now is Sevared Records -
Nuclear War Now! -
Adverse Order -
Cyclone Empire - {Expensive, huge range}
Dark Descent Records - {use the link on the MA support page to give MA some money}
Profound Lore -
Siege Engine Records - {has one release total, highly recommended though}
Mercenary Musik -
FETO Records -
Abyss Records - {Bad policy for when they fuck up, asks for a return, so their screw ups punish you, not them}
Modern Invasion -
Vault of Dried Bones -
Aural Webstore -
Sleaszy Rider -
Elegy Records -
De Profundis Éditions -
Metal blade records store -
Weird Truth Productions -
Cd Wow -
Blood Harvest Records
Heavy Artillery Records
Esoteric's own website.
Solitude Productions
Daemon Worship Productions

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