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lonerider's profile

Favourite metal genre(s):
heavy f***ing metal 

Slowly getting up there in years, but my feelings for metal really haven't changed much. Then again, I only started listening to metal when I was already 16 or so years old, so there's still a lot left to discover. I credit Queen for getting me into heavier music, then it was all AC/DC, then Metallica (starting, of course, with the "black album", mainly collecting dust ever since ;-)) and then Iron f***ing Maiden, who really sealed the deal. Anyway, I still believe metal to be vastly superior to every other genre except maybe classical music.

Looking at the reviews I've posted on this site so far, you might be surprised at the generally pretty high ratings I've doled out. No one-hundred percent ones, though; utter perfection is impossible to achieve, I guess. The reason I haven't been dishing out many low scores is simple: I have a pretty good feeling for which bands might be up my alley and choose very carefully—after all, there is a thing called the internet these days—which albums to listen to and/or buy, so I end up enjoying most of them (exceptions notwithstanding).

By the same token, you won't see me slamming an album I haven't really concerned myself with, only because I despise a particular style or band and really want to stick it to them. Life's short, so why devote what precious little time you have to stuff you're never going to like anyway, just for the sake of being able to write a bunch of scathing reviews?

"If you ain't a metalhead, then you might as well be dead."

Some of my favorite bands include:

Iron f***ing Maiden, Dissection, Carcass, Paradise Lost, Slayer (old), Motörhead, Blind Guardian (old), Amon Amarth (old), Heathen, Sodom, Dark Tranquillity, Manowar (old), Death, Riot, Naglfar, Necrophobic, Desaster, Morbid Angel (old), Katatonia (old), Kampfar, The Crown, Demolition Hammer, Týr

My ratings system:

96 - 100 completely awesome stuff; a masterpiece
91 - 95 mandatory listening for every metalhead
81 - 90 very good/great release; this rules!
71 - 80 good, solid metal album with some flaws
61 - 70 partly solid, but way too much filler
41 - 60 shows flashes, but that's about it; mediocre at best
21 - 40 partly listenable, but still pretty bad; not worth your time
0 - 20 abysmally bad; completely worthless junk