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Episode 4 of The English Game begins in Darwen, as Fergus returns as well as finds a disrespectful welcoming from the workers. Singleton as well as Louis, who are instead like 2 lost Wodehouse personalities who stumbled right into a Fleming story, inform Morse to have a look at Sebastian Fenix, a perfumier, and also in particular whatever he's doing in laboratory 4. Morse mosts likely to go to Fenix, that's got scary fish as well as offers Morse fragrance (do not take that the upside-down). In the following scene which happened to be a wonderful scene of the brand-new family of three, visitors saw Louise and also Keanu delight in a long time alone with their lovely baby which they have actually called, Peggy who earlier endured a little scare. Mike as well as Carol walk about the house and also reflect on all the satisfied memories that were created in a more enjoyable collection years before. In both Bunyan's story and also this episode there is a solitary course and the personalities are told to prevent all various other paths or perceived faster ways. So while the episode dramatizes a story about an altered man, the fact is that he appears to have actually just opened his mind a little bit. The story is suitable, but nothing cutting edge or game-changing, as well as there are other episodes with comparable principles that I prefer to come back to over this one. The stories are enjoyable, as well as a little bit ridiculous, and there's the happiness of seeing characters like Ant-Man and also the old Iron Guy in action.