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leatherwolf's profile

Fred Durst 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Power, Thrash 

As you can tell from my collection, I like metal from all subgenre's, including: Thrash, Power, Progressive, Black, Death, and even some Glam and Nu-metal (Hey! Don't give me any shit about that!). My all time favorite band is Iron Maiden.

Favorite Vocalists:
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
Rob Halford (Judas Preist)
Tobias Sammet (Edguy)
John Bush (Armored Saint / Anthrax)
Rock 'N Rolf (Running Wild)

Favorite Guitarists:
Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
Jeff Waters (Annihilator)
Jeff "Mantas" Dunn (ex-Venom / Mantas)
Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray)
Jeff Hanneman (Slayer)

Favorite Guitar Duos:
Glenn Tripton & K.K. Dowing (Judas Priest)
Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)
Carey Howe & Geoff Gayer (Leatherwolf)

Favorite Bassists:
Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
Cronos (Venom)
Tom Araya (Slayer)

Favorite Drummers:
Dave Lomardo (Slayer)
Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden)
Scott Travis (Judas Priest / Racer X)

Favorite Band: Iron Maiden
Favorite Album: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (Iron Maiden)
Least Favorite Band(s): Rage Against the Machine, Soundgardin, Audioslave
Most Overrated Album: Metal Church (Metal Church)
Most Underrated Album(s): Prime Evil, Temples of Ice, The Waste Lands (Venom)
Most Overrated Band: Metallica
Most Underrated Band: Leatherwolf