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Mallcore kid 
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Mariko Kierstead 

Wide range of dragons to develop via breeding. You battle as well as I such as, their fight styleI like that you can, use three drag news at one time that's, actually truly truly cooland I such as, that this has buffersI love buffers, beast tales has buffers which is, an additional one of social points video games and, that's really remarkable because individuals, were utilized to RPG like buffersbut I, do not like that every fabulous aspect, looks precisely the very same as well as every dark, component looks exactly the sameyeah and, all the elements have simply one step just oneif there's nothing various they, all do specifically the very same point arrowheads, shooting down is steel a creeping plant turning up, on the ground is plant it's it's it's so, burning out after a whileso battling is just, some useless grind that you simply do just, to get somewhere, as well as the story aids with it however when, you're done the storyline you're going, to hear my ROI boat or doing something, elseyou wish to see each of your, dragons there has to be a reason, each your dragons look great after a, while.