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Joe The Cabdriver 
United States 
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my tastes are eclectic 

I listen to a wide variety of metal, and music in general. I tend to shun nu-metal, metal-core, and glam metal, but there are always exceptions to the rule. I cannot understand rigid philosophies and attitudes towards music. I'm finding that many metal fans are much too narrow minded and anal. If you only listen too three chord cvlt bads or gurgling death, you are missing out on so much evil goodness. The only things I completely detest in music are whispering and rim clicks. First and foremost, these sounds just really annoy the fuck out of me; secondly, it's quickly becoming a quick and cheap way to create "atmosphere" and demonstrate your so called musical diversity. Which makes me a hypocritical asshole, but fuck it, I never said said I was perfect. Now go shove a giant maggot up your prolapsed pie-hole, you pretentious fuck!
Best Albums-2008

Testament-Formation of Damnation

Metallica-Death Magnetic

Gorjira-The Way Of All Flesh


Cavalera Conspiracy-Inflikted

Bottle Doom Lazy Band-Blood For The Bloodking

Hate Eternal-Fury and Flames

Van Canto-Hero


White Chapel-This is Exile

Krisiun-Southern Storm

Rhapsody(Of Fire) Twilight Symphony

Unleashed-Hammer Battalion

The Sword-Gods of the Earth


Heidevolk-Walhalla Wacht



The Slade discography-- HOLY FUCK SLADE ARE SO FUCKING GOOD!!! Those songs!!!! Noddy's piercing tenor!!! Those suits!!! Those sideburns!!!

Obscure New Wave of British Heavy Metal albums-I've been diggin' some old school metal this year. An Angel Witch re-release, Tank's Filth Hound's of Hades, More's Blood and Thunder, a few select Raven discs, even some early Def Leppard, Cirith Ungul's One Foot in Hell(on Metal Blade!!!), Diamond Head, Girlschool. Ok, I discovered that I like Raven's post corporate sell out phase better than the early 80's NWBHM classics. Album's like 'Life's a Bitch...When It's Got You By The Balls' and 'Nothing Exceeds Like Excess', are unrecognized classics of grebo metal greatness. Does anybody care? I didn't think so.

Death's Individual Though Pattern's is still my favorite album of all time.

Therion-Completely over blown symphonic goth metal. They are awesome. Their best albums have a full blown choir and symphony orchestra. Excessive and unnecessary bombast. They are wonderful.

Same goes for Rhapsody-They employ a full symphony for every album in order to create cinematic Lord's of The Ring's power metal. Nerd heaven.

Candlemass-Epicus Doomicus Metallicus-Earlier this year, I would listen to the first song on the album, Solitude, over and over again, like I was some 15 year old obsessed with my favorite band. Some heavy fucking shit, man.

Enslaved are the greatest of the Norwegian black metal bands. There is not a bad album in their entire discography, and all are mid funckingly heavy, epic, proggy, musicianly, and dare I say, classy.