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joacoledzeppelin's profile

Fred Durst 
Email address:
Full name:
Joaquin Gutierrez Martinez 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death Metal 

I start my CD collection on 2011, with Master of Puppepts- Metallica

The non-metal albums that I have are:
Ac-Dc: Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheao
Ac-Dc: Powerage
Ac-Dc: Highway to Hell
Ac-Dc: For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
Ac-Dc: The Razor's Edge
Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fits
Disturbed: The Lost Children
The Doors: L.A. Woman
Genesis: The Way we Walk
Kiss: Icon
La Renga: Despedazado por Mil Partes
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin I
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti
Led Zeppelin: Presence
Led Zeppelin: In Throught the Outdoor
Led Zeppelin: Mothership
Pearl Jam: Ten
Pearl Jam: Riot Act
Queen: A Night at the Opera
V.Artists: The Rolling Stones A Blues Tribute
Sumo: Dividos por la Felicidad
Terserotres: Jam On
Los Tipitos: Tipitorex
Van Halen: 1984

Ac-Dc: Live at River Plate
Audioslave: Audioslave
Led Zeppelin: Family Tree
Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same
Pink Floyd: In Toronto
Queen: Rock you from Rio
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Live in Milán
Van Halen: In Concert Live

Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV
The Doors: L.A. Woman
Ratones Paranoicos: Estadio Obras
The Who: Quadrophenia
Pink Floyd: Animals
The Doors: Morrison Hotel
Janis Joplin: In Concert

Led Zeppelin: In Throught the Outdoor
The Beatles: 1967-1970
Queen: Sheer Heart Attack

The photos of my collection are on my Facebook :D