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jmack's profile

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Full name:
Jason Borton 
United States 

Bands I can remember seeing live:
* = Bands I have played shows with/opened for

3 Inches Of Blood (Roadrunner)
The 69 Eyes (Nuclear Blast)
Abnormality (Sevared)
Across The Sun (Metal Blade)*
Aerosmith (Sony)
Agalloch (Profound Lore)
The Agonist (Century Media)*
Aldebaran (Profound Lore)
All Shall Perish (Nuclear Blast)
American Me (Rise)*
Among The Decayed* (8x)
Animals As Leaders
Arkaik (Unique Leader)
Arkona (2x) (Napalm *Records)
Arsis (Nuclear Blast)*
Atrocity (Napalm)
Augury (Nuclear Blast*)
Barren Earth (Peaceville)*
Becoming The Archetype (Solid State)
The Berzerker (Earache)
Blood Freak (Willowtip)
Bonded By Blood (Earache)
Bon Jovi (Mercury)
Burn In Silence (Prosthetic)*
Carnal Decay (Sevared)
Cattle Decapitation (Metal Blade)
Cephalic Carnage (Relapse) (3x)
Cephalotripsy (Amputated Vein)
Ceremonial Castings (Black Forest) (2x)
Cheap Trick (CTU)
Conducting From the Grave (Sumerian)*
Cradle Of Filth (Roadrunner)
Crimson Moon (Kthulu)
Crypt Infection (Sevared)
D.R.I. (Beer City)
Dark Tranquillity (3x) (Century Media)*
Death Angel (Nuclear Blast)*
Decapitated (Earache) (2x)
Deceased (Shrieks from the Hearse)*
Decrepit Birth (Nuclear Blast)
Delain (Napalm)
Demiricous (Metal Blade)
Demoncy (Forever Plagued)
Devildriver (Metal Blade)
Dimmu Borgir (Nuclear Blast)
Disgorge (Unique Leader)
Disentomb (NSE)
Divine Heresy (Century Media)*
Eluveitie (Nuclear Blast)
Engaged In Mutilation (Comatose)
Engorged (Razorback)
Ensiferum (Spinefarm)*
Enslaved (Century Media)
Epica (Nuclear Blast)*
Excruciator (Heavy Artillery)*
Exhumed (Relapse)
Exmortus (Heavy Artillery) (2x)*
Expurgate (Inherited Suffering)
Extremely Rotten (Show No Mercy)
The Faceless (Sumerian)
Fintroll (Century Media)
Firewind (Century Media)*
Flotsam & Jetsam
Forbidden (Nuclear Blast)*
Goo Goo Dolls (Warner Bros.)
Gortuary (Brutal Bands)
Guttural Secrete (Brutal Bands)
Hatchet (The End)
The Haunted (Century Media)
Havok (Candlelight)*
Heart (Sony)
Himsa (Century Media)
Indecent Excision (Grindethic)
Inherit Disease (Unique Leader)
Into Eternity (Century Media)
Iron Maiden (EMI)
Journey (Columbia)
Kamelot (Steamhammer)
Kataklysm (Century Media)
The Kennedy Veil (4x) (Unique Leader)*
Kittie (E1 Music)
Korpiklaani (Nuclear Blast)*
Krisiun (2x) (Century Media)*
Leaves Eyes (Napalm)
Legions Of Astaroth (Baneful Genesis)
Molotov Solution (Metal Blade)*
Moonspell (2x) (Steamhammer)*
Mournful Congregation (Weird Truth)
Mutiny Within (Roadrunner)*
Nasum (Relapse)
Necrophagist (Relapse)
Nile (Nuclear Blast)
No Zodiac
Obituary (Century Media)
Omnium Gatherum (LifeForce)
Ovid's Withering (4x) (Unique Leader)*
Pallbearer (Profound Lore)
Parkway Drive (Epitaph)
Party Cannon
Polkadot Cadaver (Rotten)*
Powerglove (2x) (E1 Music)*
Pig Destroyer (Relapse)
Psychroptic (4x) (Prosthetic)*
Psyopus (Metal Blade)*
The Red Chord (Metal Blade)
Reeker* (2x)
Revocation (Relapse)*
Rotten Sound (Relapse)
Royal Thunder
Rumplestiltskin Grinder (Relapse)*
Scar Symmetry (2x) (Nuclear Blast)*
Scythia (2x)*
Secrets Of The Moon (Lupus Lounge)*
Short Bus Pileup (Sevared)
Stages Of Decomposition (Gore House Productions)
Stolen Babies*
Symphony X (Nuclear Blast)*
Tenebrous (Forever Plagued)
Threat Signal (Nuclear Blast)*
Turisas* (Century Media)
Unearth (Metal Blade)
Van Halen (Warner Bros.) (2x)
Varg (NoiseArt)
Veil Of Maya (Sumerian)
Wermacht (2x)
Wintersun (Nuclear Blast)
Woe Of Tyrants (Metal Blade)*
World Of Lies (4x)
White Wizzard (Earache)*
Withered (Prosthetic)