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Viking, Black, Pagan 

If you decided to spend some time for looking at my profile so please spend a bit more to check my two bands - links to facebook pages you can see above.

And what I also want to say..... metal-archives once was the great metal encyclopaedia and one of my favorite sites but it becomes worse and worse day by day. The reason as I realize is that moderators and superusers don't know what the word "encyclopaedia" means. As i know it means place or book of information. And that's the point I give up. MA doesn't need information anymore. Only moderators ambitions and stupidity. I tried to add about ten bands before they finally realized that we are in digital age. But they still don't. The necessary conditions for digital release is to be at least 20 minutes long. For physical it needs only just to be. So if i record some shit on the tape today tomorrow it will be on MA. But if I record three perfect songs with very expensive mixing and mastering and they will sound better than everything you've heard before it's not enough cause it's only 15 minutes long. Yea. Really. Don't you think that's bullshit?
And also just take a look at last added bands: Rock, Crust, Punk, Metalcore, Hardcore..... on METAL fucking archives. That's how end begins.

And more... Admin named Malediktum ( is a thief. I've submitted band "Земля Ветров" three times and three times it was rejected and when i've found all they need it was rejected again because "The band you have submitted is already present in the database." with all the info that i've found and how they can discuss point whores after that??!! The same story with "Lunar Strain".

And user Krister Jensen is a stupid point whore. All what he do here is changing right spelling of russian names like Vasiliy or Dmitriy to wrong spelling. May be he don't know English, may be Russian, may be both. But imho if you don't know what to do with smth just don't touch it. But to understand it you need brains. Not about this man.

moreover according to this "Reminder: DO NOT change the band's country from Ukraine. We go by the International Standards Organization (ISO) country codes, and they still consider Crimea to be part of Ukraine." the site now is supporting fascism, great!! (no, it isn't)