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While in contemporary culture they're often shown as young, several of the times winged, humanoids of little stature, they to begin with were described truly differently: tall, beaming, angelic beings or short, wizened trolls being 2 of the usually discussed types.
One fundamental motif found amongst the Celtic people portrays a race of petite people who had actually been driven into cover-up by attacking people. Once thought about as beings that an individual might really run into, fairies were kept in mind for their mischief-making and spite.
Fairies are generally described as human in appearance and also having wonderful capacity. Their origins are less clear in the folklore, being otherwise dead, or some sort of devil, or a types totally independent of human beings or angels.
The suggestion of "fairy" in the narrow sense is unique to English mythology, mixing Germanic fairies with influences from Celtic and Ro( French folklores, as well as later on made "petite" according to the discernments of Victorian era "fairy tales" for children