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extremesymphony's profile

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Adwait Kulkarni 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Practically all of them 

Heavy Metal has been one of the primary reasons for my existence. It has helped through many dark and difficult times of my life like an unshakable rock. I love nearly all sub-genres of this vast and ever growing genre of music.

I write reviews because for one I love to write and secondly I believe, by writing reviews, I in my own small way can contribute a drop in this endless ocean. Through my reviews I try my best to express my views about a particular recording honestly and without being biased. As a believer of self-development, I always try to improve upon my writing content, resulting in many of my reviews being reworked.

If you want any of your recordings reviewed, please mail me the details at
[email protected]

Please feel free to mail me any grievances, suggestions or feedback regarding my reviews as it is with your help and support that I will keep up my improvement.

I respect every single artist making music out there, so my sincere and honest apologies to everyone if I may have been a bit sharp with my criticisms in a certain review.

Thank you for visiting my profile.
Stay Heavy.