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Metal freak 
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Lord Eviluus 
Favourite metal genre(s):
death, goregrind, slam 

If you want to offer me something from my want list, the conditions are:
1) release has to be brand new, unused (preferably - sealed),
2) you come from European Union,
3) you have a valid EU-VAT number and can issue the invoice,
otherwise the deal won't be possible;
4) OR (refers to EU only) - you can trade for my own releases (valid for CDs only, trades are always 1:1 - I'm not interested in calculating silly trade points). But please do have in mind - if you ask for a trade and we've never cooperated before, you ALWAYS ship your stuff first. Sorry, I do not longer trade with anyone outside of European Union because of crazy customs;
5) no trades for black metal releases, don't offer them.


Discography not included in MA database:

AC/DC - Back in Black; Atlantic, 16018-2 EUROPE: 050 735
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid; Sony Music, 468416 2
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid (single); Sony Music, 656983 5
Alice Cooper - Trash; Sony Music, 465130 2
Alice Cooper - Thrashes the World (DVD); Sony Music, 202314 9
Clawed Forehead - My Domain; Metal Age, MAP098
Digger - Evidence... is Written in the Noizz; No Fear, no catalog number
Ewig.Endlich - Auf Grund; Dedication, DR-004
Fractura De Pene - Cagalien vs Preñator; Base Record Production, bspfdp2016
IDK - Taking on the Monster; Earache, MOSH 172 CD
In Extremo - Erdbeermund; Universal, 06024 9812290 (7)
In Extremo - Sünder ohne Zügel; Island, 586 307-2
In Extremo - Weckt die Toten!; Vielklang Musikproduktion, EFA 03208-2
Lacrimosa - Angst; Hall Of Sermon, HOS 7711 / 27361 69502
Lacrimosa - Einsamkeit; Monsters Of Rock, MOFR 00064
Lacrimosa - Elodia; Hall Of Sermon, HOS 7820 / 27361 67622
Lacrimosa - Fassade; Hall Of Sermon, HOS-Nr. 7840 / 27361 67802
Lacrimosa - Inferno; Monsters Of Rock, MOFR 00067
Lacrimosa - Live; Hall Of Sermon, HOS 7791 27361 68232
Lacrimosa - Satura; Monsters Of Rock, MOFR 00065
Lacrimosa - Stille; Hall Of Sermon, HOS 781 27361 68172
Laryngectomized - Chaotic Autopsy; Eyes of the Dead, ETDCD008
The Great Deceiver - Terra Incognito; Peaceville, CDVILEF120
The Sisters Of Mercy - Floodland; Merciful Release, 2292-42246-2
The Sisters Of Mercy - Vision Thing; Merciful Release, 9031-72663-2
V/A - Death Is Just The Beginning vol. 7; Nuclear Blast, 27361 10542
V/A - Face Your Underground 4 ( sampler); Rotten to the Core, RTTC 504
V/A - In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale; Nuclear Blast, 27361 15062
V/A - Nuclear Blast 100; Nuclear Blast, NB 100-2 (SPV 55-140762)
V/A - Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation 2; Defense, Defense 007
V/A - Ugly Music... For Ugly Minds; Relapse, RR 6697
Za Frûmi - Chapter 2: Tach; Waerloga, WAER001
Za Frûmi - Legends Act 1; Waerloga, WAER002

I do not download music. The only exception I do for digital release is, when it's the only format in which album was released.

Please, STOP wasting my time asking for the bands, which I updated here. In 99,99% of cases I just solved a report and have no knowledge about them, especially, where to get their releases from. If you look for some band, check my distro site, and if it's not there, go and try to find it elsewhere.