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esdraelon's profile

Metal newbie 
Full name:
Christopher Lutmer 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
BM, DM, and thrash 

Well I've used this site for research and reference purposes for years now, so I figured I may as well finally be a registered member.

Maybe I'll write more about me some other time, but for now, I'll just say life = METAL! METAL = LIFE! FUSED INTO MY BLOOD/DNA since 12 years old!

Some fav bands include in no particular order: Testament, Deeds of Flesh, Moonspell, Keep of Kalessin, Malevolent Creation, Behemoth, Early Mortification, Drottnar, Borkgnagar, Frosthardr, Early Extol, Amorphis, Grave, Samael, Gorguts, Suffocation, Abysmal Dawn, Antestor, Satyricon, Crimson Moonlight, Carcass, Sympathy, Sacrificium and much more real death metal and black metal, the list could go on forever. But if the bands are on the right side so to speak, that's a plus as opposed to those who's lyrics blabber about angst ridden geigh infantile B.S. (neo-Satanic cheese e.g: "I'm more evil than you!" fags trying to "out evil" each other etc)

There are a few bands who's lyrics I tolerate though I do not enjoy or agree with them. This happens when the music is such a level of quality that it completely envelops the listeners attention in a way that makes the lyrics unnoticed and unimportant, and IMHO, that's what metal's about, THE MUSIC! i.e: Necrophagist, Abysmal Dawn,Samael, and others who's music is great, but lyrics are not of any substance in my life.