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chrisc7249's profile

Full name:
Jason P 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death. Black. Doom. Power. 

Hi! I go by many different aliases, but you can just call me X... I started listening to metal in November of 2018 and my life has been completely different ever since. I love all types of metal, too! My personal favorites are Technical Death, Funeral Doom, Death Doom, Blackened Thrash, Power Metal, Epic Doom Metal, and Brutal Death Metal. I still have yet to explore Gothic Metal, Drone Metal, Speed Metal and Grindcore, but I'll get to them eventually

I'm a very positive person and I do believe in God, as well as friendship and acceptance for all. I'm very open to reviewing your music, so if you want, send me some stuff! I tend to not write negative reviews because I don't want to spread negativity or hate... that being said, say what you want about this, but I believe 90% of metal is average or better. Very rarely do I come across a band/album that I feel has no merit. Perhaps I have no standards, but I like what I like and you can't take that away from me!

I'm currently in the process of forming my own project with a few of my friends from my hometown. I'm the vocalist and we have two guitarist's and a drummer. Just need a bass player to complete the project... it'll probably be some form of blackened death metal with doom influences, but we haven't gotten that far yet. I'll update this part of my profile again in the future when I have more information :)

Until then, peace and love to all of you and God bless. Stay cool, stay positive and most importantly... Stay metal 🤘

You can reach me at any time using this email. I would love to make friends that like metal!
[email protected]